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Museum of the Manchester Regiment


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A brief history of the Museum of the Manchester Regiment:

Museum of the Manchester Regiment introductory panelThe Regimental collection was brought together at the Regimental Depot, Ladysmith Barracks, Ashton-under-Lyne, in the mid 1930’s with the aim of giving new recruits a pride in their new unit by showing them the Regiment’s historical achievements.

After the amalgamation with the King’s Liverpool Regiment in 1958, to form the King’s Regiment and the closure of the Barracks in 1960 the collection was stored and displayed in buildings in Queen’s Park, Harphurhey, Manchester.

In 1987 the collection came back to Ashton-under-Lyne and the Museum opened its doors here.



Ladysmith Gallery:

Ladysmith GalleryThe Ladysmith Gallery was re-opened in November 2002 by HRH Prince Charles following a major refurbishment. The gallery tells the stories of some of the men, women and children that have been involved with the Regiment from when it was raised in 1756 through to Regimental life today.

The displays also cover all the major campaigns that the Regiment was involved with from the Seven Year War, American War of Independence, New-Zealand War, Crimean War, South African War, both World Wars through to the Malayan Emergency.

Our collection of over 2000 medals earned by over 650 men of the Regiment are also on display in the Ladysmith Gallery. The medal collection includes 6 Victoria Crosses, the highest award for gallantry.

You can also experience the sights, sounds and smells of life in our reconstruction of a First World War trench.

Scott VC Medal group on display in Ladysmith Gallery
Photograph of trench
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Forshaw Gallery:

Photograph of Jeep in Forshaw GalleryYou will know that you are in the Forshaw Gallery when you see the original army Jeep on display, in the centre of this room, of the type used by the Regiment in the Second World War.

The Forshaw gallery was re-opened on July 1 2006 following a major refurbishment. Hundreds of new objects are now on display for the first time for you to see on your visit.

In this gallery you can learn about how a soldier occupied his time when not on duty, about his daily routine, what he wore through the ages, which sports he played and what he collected as he travelled around the world with the Manchester Regiment.

Why not come along with your family and friends and find out what a soldier earned in the First World War or practice standing like a solider and be as brave as a soldier and reach into the unknown and guess what the mystery objects are in our ‘play area’.

The Gallery also includes a reconstruction of a Barrack Room from Ladysmith Barracks in the 1950’s which should bring back memories for those that experienced National Service first hand.

There is also a reconstruction of a mortar team in action in Holland in 1944.

Interactive activities  in Forshaw Gallery
Photograph of mortar scene
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Photograph of display trunk
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