Moments of Magic 


Museums and Galleries at the heart of Tameside’s Community


Moments of Magic3We have long recognised that museums are in the ‘life-changing’ business. Getting up in the morning and going to work is an opportunity to create ‘moments of magic’ in our visitors’ lives.

The concept of the dusty museum has long gone. For staff in Tameside a busy, noisy day in our museums is a good day. Our central purpose is to provide local residents access to their heritage and visual art – it is to stimulate, to listen, to teach, to excite and to inspire. Mostly we want visitors to feel welcome, comfortable and positive.

The work we do is not just about exhibitions, it is about touching people’s lives. We participate in the wider work of Tameside Council, central to learning, building communities and contributing to the health and wellbeing of residents.

We know museums and galleries can be a powerful, creative force and this publication, celebrating recent projects and ongoing commitments, shows how. It demonstrates the impact that museums have and how we energise and inspire our community.

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