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School outreach education offer

As schools return, our services are looking at ways that we can still support and stimulate your learning in a different way.
Tameside Cultural Services have been looking at how we can use our years of experience, resources and collections to support schools on your return.

Our Learning Team has developed a programme which offer participants a wide range of activities that are accessible, educational, fun and inspiring. Whilst we are all working differently we have put together an offer that will continue to allow you to access what we do, but in a different way.
We want to use our experience to develop something that genuinely works and will help teachers and educators during what could be a difficult transition.
Museums and Galleries Outdoor education Local Studies and Archives

We want to reach out! Whilst it may prove difficult for you to visit us at our sites we want to find ways to still work with and support our schools.
As schools return, we look to support each school’s efforts to get involved with the rich tapestry of culture and creativity within Borough. Tameside Cultural Services have been looking at how we can best use our years of experience and resources to support schools. We will link in with the Philosophy for Children, as well as the national curriculum and the councils five ways to wellbeing: Connect, Be Active, Take Notice, Keep Learning and Give.                             
Each month we will keep in touch with each school, sharing information relating to our education offer as well as giving further ideas and ways to engage with our offer in the classroom. There will be activities from each of the cultural services teams and we welcome discussion as to how we could best serve our schools and find ways of learning together.

2021 reaching out

  Reaching Out Walks Reaching Out Local Studies
  Outdoor Education:
Wellbeing Walks
Local Studies and Archives:
Wakes Week Holidays
Museums and Galleries:
Put to work.
Life as a Victorian child worker
Brass Bands Superworm Reaching Out Local Studies  
Arts and Engagement:
Whit Friday
Outdoor Education: Superworm. Colour Matching Local Studies and Archives:
Tameside during the Second World War
  Museums and Galleries:
Land and Streetscapes. Recreating Landscapes

Reaching Out Local Studies
Arts and Engagement: Outdoor Trails in our Local Greenspace Outdoor Education: Marvellous Maps. Make your own Journey Stick Local Studies and Archives:  Name and Occupations
Museums and Galleries: Victorian Schoolroom. Scrapbooking
Arts and Engagement: Home Tweet Home. Listen to the Birds Outdoor Education: Plants and Living Things. Spring Trees and Catlin Guide. Museums and Galleries: Portraits. Victorian Silhouette Portraits.

2020 reaching out

Arts and Engagement. Emotional Health and Wellbeing Resource. Outdoor education: Designing Dens and Shelters. Local Studies and Archives: Bowton’s Yard. Creative Writing. Museums and Galleries: Toys and Round Robin Story telling.


Arts and Engagement: Bee Friendly. Community Project. Outdoor education: Make your own Bee House. Local Studies and Archives: Protest. Museums and Galleries: Industrial Tameside. Kinetic Sculpture.


Arts and Engagement. 12 Days of Christmas. School Engagement. Outdoor education. Rocks and Fossils. Make your own Volcano. Local Studies and Archives. Ashton Munitions Explosion. Museums and Galleries. Pattern. Geometric Pattern and Maths.
Arts and Engagement: Tameside Councils ’12 Days of Christmas’ and ‘Santa’s Little Helpers’ Outdoor Education: Wild Art. Make a Twiggy Star Local Studies and Archives: Tameside’s Hatting Industry. Museums and Galleries: Victorian Christmas. Make a 3d Christmas Paper Bauble.