Built Development Common Complaints and Queries

Can I speak to someone about traffic problems or highway problems?

Ring the Environmental Services call centre number on Telephone Number 0161 342 8355 if you have a problem.

Where can I view details of major road proposals or the Metrolink Extension to Ashton-under-Lyne?

The detailed plans for the following road and rail proposals can be examined at the Council offices with a prior appointment. The proposals that we have details of are as follows:

  • Mottram Hollingworth Tintwistle Bypass
  • The Glossop Spur Road to Woolley Bridge
  • The Ashton Northern Bypass West Section. The Snipe, Audenshaw to Oldham Road, Ashton
  • MetroLink from Edge Lane Droylsden to Wellington Road Ashton

Please arrange an appointment to view using the contact details below.

To contact the Highways agency who are responsible for the Mottram Hollingworth Tintwistle Bypass visit the Highways Agency website: www.highways.gov.uk Link to External Website. To contact Transport for Greater Manchester who are responsible for MetroLink visit the TFGM website: www.tfgm.com Link to External Website

The Ashton Northern Bypass Eastern Section - Turner Lane to Penny Meadow (Proposal ATC 3 in the Unitary Development Plan). View the Ashton Northern Bypass Map. Please note that this proposal has no other detailed plan at this stage. The proposal and map in the adopted Unitary Development Plan is the only documentation currently available.

I want to ask a question about drainage issues and sewer maps?

Main sewers are now the responsibility of United Utilities Link to External Website in this area, not the council, but drains are more often than not the responsibility of individual householders.

For complaints about sewers that are overflowing, blocked etc, or if you are worried about a blocked drain. See the sewer maps. Both these sites have links to the relevant United Utilities sites.

I want to replace the windows and doors in my property, do I need permission?

There is advice on window and door replacement and the on-line application form if you need it.

I want to speak to somebody about building work or repairs?

If you need general advice there is now a wealth of good Internet sites and books available for advice and guidance. We cannot offer this sort of general advice but we will advise you on complying with the Building Acts and regulations. If you are having trouble with a builder contact trading standards.

Housing repairs relating to New Charter properties

For enquires relating to New Charter properties,visit the New Charter Website Link to External Website.

Can you settle a boundary dispute?

Boundary disputes are not a planning matter but a private matter between two landowners. Visit www.boundary-problems.co.uk Link to External Website for some general advice, but if you cannot settle a dispute, as a general rule, you need to consult a solicitor. View information on council land if you think the land is council owned. If the land is owned by New Charter, please view the New Charter website Link to External Website

My neighbour is damaging my property with his building works and trespassing over my boundaries. What can I do?

In a lot of cases this is a mistake that a friendly word can put right but in others there may be a complaint about a breach of planning control. We will tell you whether or not the work requires consent. There may also be an infringement of the Party Wall Act 1996 which protects private interests and needs to be researched separately. Visit GOV.UK for guidance on the Party Wall Act 1996 Link to External Website. The Council cannot advise on the provisions of this Act but the Act contains procedures to resolve difficulties.

My neighbour is undertaking building works without consent. Can I do anything?

You can check planning permissions. You may make a complaint about this. However some work is exempt from control so use our FAQ's page to decide. If the work is causing damage/blocking drains/damaging fences then contact us and we will investigate.

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