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Building Control & Planning History Enquiries and Document Copying


Planning and Building Control
We can copy all development consents but there is a charge


Item Charges
inc. VAT
Planning Decision Notices, Listed Building Approvals, Enforcement Notices. Order Copies and Pay Online. £20.00
Copies of Tree Preservation Orders - Whole Document. Order Copies and Pay Online. £20.00
Building Regulation Approval Notices and Completion Certificates. Order Copies and Pay Online. £20.50
We can supply photocopies of letters/reports etc. per page. However we cannot supply copies of submitted architects drawings or building plans. Nor can we supply copies of Ordnance Survey Plans. Both these items are the copyright property of the originator. £1.20
We can undertake an informal search of our records for your property and copy certain documents but there will be a charge for this service. You can Request a search of the Planning records or order a list of documents. £21.60
per copied document
You can search Building Regulations applications register for basic information (See information disclaimer on search system) Free
You can request a manual search of the Building Regulations records by using the Building Regulations Online Form or sending a written request to Building Control.

Note: this service will take approximately 1 week for a response to be returned.
For urgently required information a written application for information can be sent in, together with a £35 charge payment and a response will be provided within 3 working days from receipt of the request. £37.20
*For more complicated or multiple record searches these will be subject to the minimum charge and additional hourly rate to be agreed before the search commences, depending upon the search complexity. Charges to be agreed on a job by job basis
Provision of late completion inspections and issue of completion certificates –  please refer to the restrictions on the main Building Control pages in respect of Completion Certification. Note: Completion Certificates were not and cannot be issued on projects prior to 1st January 2000. £80
Administration fee for building control refunds and adjustment of paperwork £37.20
For the processing of Demolition Notices under Section 80 of the Building Act £80.00
Dangerous Building Callout rates:

As each case has an individual set of circumstances and actions taken - individual charges will be due based upon the amount of time spent on the callout. All costs incurred by the council and its contractors will be recovered off the building owner.
Minimum £67 callout rate (allows for up to 1hr spent on the callout) and our standard hourly rate there-after.
Additional charges for contractors used to make safe the situation will also be charged
Callouts during normal working week hours (as below)
Monday - Wednesdays 08.30-17.00
Thursday - 08.30-16.30
Friday - 08.30-16.00
Minimum £133 callout rate (allows for up to 1hr spent on the callout) and our standard out of hours hourly rate there-after.
Out of hours callouts. Additional charges for contractors used to make safe the situation will also be charged
For providing letter of confirmation of exemption status under Building Regulations for proposed works £44.40