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Picture of Health

In Public Health we look at the way people in Tameside live as a whole population. This helps us understand what the main health and wellbeing challenges are for people living here, so we can look for ways to improve levels of health. Every month we share facts and figures about different health matters in Tameside to put you in the picture, these are collated onto an infographic factsheet called A Picture of Health. We change the focus between looking at groups of people and the health matters that affect them, for example older people, men, or people from the LGBT community. We also look at certain conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. We also look lifestyle factors, such as tobacco use, drinking alcohol and taking exercise. Click the links below to have a look at our back catalogue of factsheets, and look out for a new one every month. Feel free to share them with your groups and networks, and use the information to help us to help everyone improve their own health. Be sure to follow Public Health Tameside on Facebook to stay up to date with all our campaigns, and for information to share with friends.

2017-2018 Picture of Health Articles
2015-2016 Picture of Health Articles

Please note that early editions of A Picture of Health and A Picture of Tameside are not interactive. Should you require further information on Alcohol and Children, or Black, Minority or Ethnic health matters please email

All figures provided in these documents were accurate or the best available estimate at the time of production, but are subject to regular updates. Should you require more recent information please email

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