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Air quality

Air quality is a re-emerging 21st century public health threat. With a higher population of residents more affected by air pollution - such as the very young, elderly, adults with pre-existing lung and heart conditions and disadvantaged communities – action in Tameside is considered more urgent and necessary.
The Public Health Annual Report 2017 aims to raise awareness of the risks of traffic-related air pollution and identify what individuals and organisations in Tameside can do to limit their contribution and exposure. It contains recommendations that are designed to be simple, manageable and realistic.
The report is now available, please take the opportunity to read it and watch the video below and consider how air quality affects you and your family and what you can do to help.
You can read the report (0.87MB)



The best person to look after our health is us. Self-care is the key to better health and by focusing on self-care, we can increase people’s confidence to live well and improve their quality of life and experiences.

We have some bold ambitions for the Tameside and Glossop ‘Care Together’ Programme. We want to raise healthy life expectancy to the North West average within five years. In the subsequent five years we aim to reach the average England life expectancy. By giving people and communities the power and control to make good choices, to look after themselves and their families and use the right services at the right time, we can start to make a real difference to health and well-being.

The Public Health Annual Report 2015-16 is now available, please take the opportunity to read and watch the video below and consider how self-care can work for you and your family.

Public Health Report 2016 (3.65MB)


What is Public Health?

We look at the way people in Tameside live as a whole population, the lifestyles they lead, and the diseases and illnesses that affect them. This helps us understand what the main health and wellbeing needs are for people living here, so we can look for ways to improve physical and mental health, prevent illness and protect people from disease and injury.
Tameside Council Public Health team uses extensive research to understand the health of people living in the borough. This work is summed up in our Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA), which is public information, and available for everybody to read. Using this research we commission (buy in) services that help improve the health of people living in Tameside.

Health and Wellbeing - Tameside 100 Children (0.4MB)

Tameside & Glossop Children and Young People’s Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health TRANSFORMATION PLAN 2015 – 2020 (1.41MB)

Alcohol Needs Assessment 2014 (2.33MB)

Tameside Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 2015/16 (5.39MB)

Joint Strategic Alcohol Needs Assessment (2.32MB)

Tameside Pharmacy Needs Assessment 2015-2018 (5.23MB)

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) Report 2013/14 (3.46MB)

The local view of Health and Wellbeing in Tameside (0.54MB)

Health and Wellbeing Ward Profiles


E Bulletins

E-bulletin July 2015 (0.61MB)

E-Bulletin - April 2015 (0.61MB)

E-Bulletin - January 2015(0.92MB)

E-Bulletin - October 2014 (0.62MB)

E-Bulletin - July 2014 (0.46MB)

 A Picture Of Health

In Public Health we look at the way people in Tameside live as a whole population. This helps us understand what the main health and wellbeing challenges are for people living here, so we can look for ways to improve levels of health. Every month we share facts and figures about different health matters in Tameside to put you in the picture, these are collated onto an infographic factsheet called A Picture of Health. We change the focus between looking at groups of people and the health matters that affect them, for example older people, men, or people from the LGBT community. We also look at certain conditions such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. We also look lifestyle factors, such as tobacco use, drinking alcohol and taking exercise. Click the links below to have a look at our back catalogue of factsheets, and look out for a new one every month. Feel free to share them with your groups and networks, and use the information to help us to help everyone improve their own health. Be sure to follow Public Health Tameside on Facebook to stay up to date with all our campaigns, and for information to share with friends.

Please note that early editions of A Picture of Health, and A Picture of Tameside are not interactive. Should you require further information on Alcohol and Children, or Black, Minority or Ethnic health matters please email .

All figures provided in these documents were accurate or the best available estimate at the time of production, but are subject to regular updates. Should you require more recent information please email


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