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Redundancy Support – Courses, Training and Guidance

Welcome to Tameside Council’s Redundancy Support page which has been created to enable individuals and employers to easily access support, training and guidance.  If you are an employer who needs to make redundancies or an individual who is at risk or has been made redundant then help and support is available to help you through this challenging time. If you cannot find what you are looking for or need to talk to someone about your circumstances then please contact the Employment and Skills Team on 0161 342 3111 or email and we will be happy to help.

We have marked the support so you can easily find what you are looking for:
Employer Support is marked with: ▲
Individual Support is marked with: ☺
Employer & Individual Support: ▲☺

Tameside Council

Virtual Jobs Fair ☺

You can visit Tameside Council’s Virtual Jobs Fair to access the latest live jobs across the Borough and surrounding areas. This page includes jobs in Retail and Care along with many more vacancies which are updated on a regular basis. Aspire Recruitment support individuals looking for new work and have a variety of opportunities available.​

Tameside Employment Fund ▲☺

The Tameside Employment Fund currently has two offers – firstly is the Youth Employment Scheme which supports Tameside young people (16-24) who are not in education, employment or training (NEET), to find six months of paid employment by reimbursing the first 6 months salary to the employer. Click here if you are a young person who fits the bill or here if you an employer who is looking to add a young person to your team.

If you are a resident or business of Tameside and you are looking for help and support then please contact the Employment and Support Team via email 

Tameside Business Resilience Clinic ▲

The Tameside Business Resilience Clinic is here to facilitate free advice and support to our Small Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses across the Borough, with a primary focus on micro and small businesses. Though the Clinic you can access bespoke advice and guidance from our bank of Business Community Champions relating to various topics including finance, HR, legal, Social Media and recruitment.
Please use the link to the page to register or to find out more - Tameside Business Resilience Clinic

Tameside Adult and Community Education  ▲☺

Tameside ACE offers range of funded and chargeable training programmes for essential skills for life and work, including  Maths, English and Digital Employability. Funding and costs of support can vary dependant on the status of employees accessing the programmes.  To access the full prospectus and for more information click here
Telephone: 0161 342 4063
Facebook: Tameside Adult and Community Education
Twitter: @TamesideAce

Routes to Work ☺

Routes to Work are a supported employment service within Tameside Council. They offer support for people with disabilities, mental health and drug/alcohol issues who reside in the Tameside area. They can help you to achieve your employment goals. They advise on all aspects of gaining employment to volunteering, training and education to enable you to work independent.
If you have any questions please telephone the team on 0161 342 5200 or click here for more information.

Digital Skills Support – iDEA  & Digital Support Officer ☺

iDEA is stands for the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. It is essentially the digital equivalent of the Duke of Edinburgh award.
iDEA allows you to develop digital and enterprise skills for free and is open to people of all ages.  The website is made up of a series of online challenges  which are ‘point based’  to gain career enhancing badges, unlock new opportunities and gain industry recognised awards to stand out from the crowd.
It works on all devices – phones, tablets, laptops, PCs, games consoles, TVs!
Learn on the bus, in the library, at home – anywhere with an internet connection! 

See for yourself at

Use badge code TANDGIDEA for your first two points!
The Employment and Skills Team has a dedicated Digital Inclusion Officer who can support individuals
For more information please contact the Employment and Skills team

Tameside College ▲☺

Tameside College is a further education college that offers a wide range of courses including Full-Time, Part-Time, Apprenticeships and University Level. Select one of the following links to find out more:
16-18 School Leavers
Adult Courses
Higher Education
The College can be contacted on 0161 908 6600 for more information.


Making a Claim Benefit ☺

If you have recently become unemployed and want to make a claim for benefit then click here to check your eligibility and access JobCentrePus services.

Kickstart Scheme ▲☺

The Kickstart Scheme will create hundreds of thousands of new, fully subsidised jobs for young people across the country. The 6 month placements are open to those aged 16-24 who are claiming Universal Credit and at risk of long term unemployment. Applications are being accepted now from employers or groups of employers.
If you are a young person aged between 16 and 24 and want to learn more about the scheme then click here for more information.

Employee Seminar  ▲

The JCP offer a 45 minute Redundancy Seminar to employees at risk of redundancy which can be delivered face-to-face or virtually which includes:
  • An overview of the Jobcentre Plus (JCP) / Department for Work & Pensions (DWP) Reasons to claim out of work benefits
  • What to claim – New Style Jobseekers Allowance or Universal Credit. Signposting to the Benefits Calculators page on the website.
  • How to claim – Explanation of the initial on-line claims process and what to expect from the first and subsequent face to face interviews at the Jobcentre. The conditions contained within the Claimant Commitment contract.
  • Job search tips and current vacancies – Including how to use Find a Job and Social Media
  • The importance of preparing for the job market – Job search, CV, application / interview processes.
  • An introduction to the National Careers Service.
  • Government Funded training –Starting point is National Careers Service. See the funded training fact sheet attached.
  • Question and answer session.

Financial Advice ▲☺

The Money Advice Service (MAS) have produced an excellent free Redundancy Handbook which provides people facing redundancy with a financial action plan. It covers redundancy pay, pensions, mortgage, insurance, rent, benefits and debt management. You can order up to 2,000 hard copies to be delivered to your business. Please use this link MAS Redundancy Handbook to access the handbook.

Find Jobs on Twitter ▲☺

Twitter is a free online service that allows both individuals and organisations to communicate with each other. The JCP has a Twitter feed you can use to receive messages about jobs and local events in Greater Manchester. The attached guide below will help you with your TWITTER job search and show you how to make best use of @JCPinManchester

Benefits Information Available via WhatsApp ▲☺

People can now access the most up-to-date benefits and support information via their smart phones, using WhatsApp. The service, which can be accessed by sending ‘Hi’ in a WhatsApp message to 07860 064 422, has been launched to help combat the spread of incorrect information and to make the correct information easily accessible. DWP is one of the first government departments to provide information via the service which includes information on benefits support available, how to check eligibility and how to apply.

Additional Support during Covid-19 Pandemic through EmployGM ▲

Employ GM connects employers who have urgent temporary vacancies with individuals across Greater Manchester, who are available to start working straight away during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Working with our partner networks, this service will also help businesses retain their current workforce in the long term, support the future of their company and help individuals secure employment for the future.

Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) ☺

The GMCA funds training providers to offer 3 programmes of support to GM residents:
Programme 1: Safe returns to work (as it sounds, support for businesses and organisations reopening with training such as Risk Assessment, Health & Safety, Deep Cleaning etc on offer. For residents within SMEs to access this support).

Programme 2: Rise of the Key Worker – this is aimed at unemployed residents looking to gain employment in a key sector. Training offered via this programme is linked with EmployGM and the vacancies listed there.

Programme 3: Short Retraining Programme – this is aimed at residents who are at risk of redundancy and is a short sharp intervention to prepare residents to quickly gain employment either within their organisation (redeployment) or a new opportunity. Some opportunities can be referral routes into Programme 2 activity, should you be made redundant.

For Tameside, the following training providers will focus on delivering these programmes. You can speak to your JobCentrePlus Work Coach about a referral or contact the training provider directly. Click on the provider name for more information: 

1)         System Group
2)         Pathway First
3)         The Education & Skills Partnership
4)         People Plus
5)         Mantra Learning
6)         Standguide
7)         Maximus
*Some of these providers will have supply chain partners operating in Tameside.

The Growth Company 

Click on the link to learn more about each strand of support.

Redundancy Support


Training, Skills & Recruitment


Apprenticeships Support


National Careers Service ☺

The National Careers Service offers careers advice and guidance to anyone 19+ employed or unemployed (or 18 if claiming benefits)
Online and telephone support with:
  • Education & Training: Finding the right course, funding it and returning to education as an adult.
  • Life Skills: Motivation and confidence, job searching and identifying skills.
  • Careers: Planning, CV and interview prep and local labour market intelligence

They can also deliver group sessions should there be demand.

Advisors are available Monday to Saturday between the hours of 8am and 7pm.

Call 0161 393 6473 or access the service at

Groundwork Greater Manchester

Operation Re:Org ☺

The Employment & Skills Team at Tameside MBC, with funding support from The Military Covenant Fund, have commissioned The Operation Re:Org Team at Groundwork Greater Manchester to provide a new service during 2020, targeted at providing support for armed forces  veterans who are now resident in Tameside.

The service has 3 key aims:

  • To increase our understanding of the needs of Tameside veterans to aid the design of future services.
  • To provide a tailored service to support individual Tameside veterans to secure employment, access training or link up with current services to assist with any needs such as housing, finance or benefits advice, health and wellbeing needs or social events and activities.
  • To support local employers to understand advantages of recruiting people with a military background and help them fill current skills gaps in their workforce.

If you have EVER served in the armed forces and are currently a resident in Tameside please contact Terry Morley on 07973 252373 or email to join the programme or to find out more. Please complete the online survey in the link below to help us to better understand the needs of the local armed forces community:


Onward Homes – Hattersley

Work & Skills Support ☺

A Work and Skills Coaching Service available to local people living in Hattersley, Tameside.
More than 60 people have been supported into work over the past two years, with many more accessing free training and skills development opportunities.
To speak to our dedicated Work and Skills Coach, please contact Matthew or call 0161 366 3968.


Working Well: Work & Health Programme
A specialist support programme for unemployed people with health conditions or disabilities within Greater Manchester. You can join the Working Well (Work and Health Programme) by speaking to your JCP Work Coach at your next appointment or by checking your eligibility by getting in touch with us here.


Working Well Early Help ☺

Free specialist support for people with a disability or health condition who are working, absent or newly unemployed in Greater Manchester. We can help you with free personalised support and advice on:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Lifestyle
  • Assistance in work
  • Workplace adjustments
  • Skills, education and training
  • Finding work.
You can get in touch with us by calling 0300 456 8107 or email and more information is available by clicking Working Well Early Help


Employability and Skills Courses ☺

Babington have online courses starting every week and can support people with additional needs and low income learners below £18K. Maths & English courses have up to 12 weeks to complete and learners can work at their own pace. Vocational courses last for two weeks and courses on offer are Employability L1 & L1, Customer Service L2 and Maths & English L1 & L2. For more information and to refer please contact


Health & Wellbeing Support ☺

This distance learning course gives support to residents in transition period after isolation and social anxieties have spiked. Residents who have recently been made redundant start online networking and get involved in virtual job fairs. The course is supported by the National Careers Service, who will support with CV’s and guidance. The duration of the course is 6 days with an assessment at the end, live tutorials throughout. All enrolled learners can access additional source material 24/7 on our SOLAR platform.
This accredited course has been designed to aid mental health and wellbeing with a dedicated Covid-19 response, creating positive activity for learners during these uncertain times.
  • Introduction to mental wellbeing: what constitutes good mental health and mental ill-health; how to keep mentally healthy; how to recognise deteriorating mental health and support friends and family with mental health issues; how to access available support
  • Building personal confidence and self- awareness
  • Healthy living / Sleep Hygiene
  • Better use in Online platforms and networking
  • Coping with change / Positive plan moving forward looking new options, targeting new career paths
  • Workshop from the National Career Service during the course
This course allows individuals revisit their transferable skills, and after the course be supported through the national career service. Course will be online and daily interactive tutorials with a qualified Tutor.
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