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Van Permit Scheme


Manchester Van and Trailer Permit Flyer

If you’re planning to use a van or a twin axle trailer to access your local household waste recycling centre to dispose of household waste, then you will need to apply for a Permit from the 1st December 2021.

Please note: visitors using a standard car do NOT need a permit to use the recycling centres unless you intend to visit with a twin axle trailer.


How to apply

The permit is easy to apply for and is free of charge, it allows you a maximum of 18 visits over the year to dispose of household waste. You can apply online at R4GM_van_permit

A permit is also required for vehicles higher than 2 metres that need to access the weighbridge at the transfer loading stations to dispose of household waste. For health and safety reasons, PPE must be worn when recycling or disposing of your household waste at the waste transfer facilities. R4GM_over_2_metres_high

You will need to register for a permit if you plan to hire a van or twin axle trailer for a short-term hire. You will need to take your hire documents to the site with you as an operative will ask to see them.

Why is this being introduced?

The van and trailer permit is part of the Trade Waste Access Restriction Policy which was introduced in February 2020. This was to tackle businesses illegally taking waste to the Recycling Centres to avoid paying waste disposal fees, costing your local councils an estimated £5 million a year.

No trade or business waste will be accepted at any household waste recycling centre. Find out how to dispose of business waste. R4GM-Business_waste



Which types of vehicles need a permit?
The permit applies to any van designed to carry cargo, pickup trucks and cars towing a twin axle trailer.
Any vehicle (including vans) carrying trade waste are not permitted at the household waste recycling centre. The sites are for residents who wish to dispose of their household waste.

How do I get a permit?
You can apply online. (

How much does the permit cost?
The permit is free of charge.

How do I know if I need a permit?
If you wish to use a van, hire van, pickup truck, or twin axle trailer to take your household waste to a household waste recycling centre, then you need to apply for a permit before you visit.

How long before I get my permit?
Permits are processed within 2 working days (not including Bank holidays and weekends).

How long is a permit valid for?
The permit is valid for 12 months (1st April to 31st March). The visit limits are reset each year, you do not have to reapply.

How many visits will I have when I apply for my permit?
When you apply, the visits you have made since 1st April 2021 will be deducted from your 18 per year allowance. The number of visits will automatically reset to 18 from the 1st April 2022.

Can I use my permit at any recycling centre in Greater Manchester?
Yes, the permit is valid at any of the 20 household waste recycling centres in the 9 council areas of Greater Manchester.

My vehicle is over 2 metres
If you have a van or pickup truck over 2 metres high, then you can use the permit at any of the transfer loading stations which is where the council vehicles tip off. Find your nearest recycling centre.
For residents living in Wigan, please visit

How do I use my permit?
Once your application has been approved, you will receive a QR code. Please show this to the SUEZ operative at the gate of the HWRC, the SUEZ operative will scan the QR code.
Do I need to print my permit, or can I show it on my phone?
No, you don’t need to print the code as you can show the QR code on your phone or mobile device. You can print it off and keep a physical copy of the code in your van if that's more convenient but please keep the copy free of creases and avoid folding the code.
How many times can I visit a recycling centre with my permit?
The permit allows you to visit 18 times in a year (1st April to 31st March).

Can I have more than one permit?
No, only one permit is allowed per household.

I have a disability adapted vehicle do I need a permit?
No, if you drive a vehicle adapted to carry a wheelchair, you do not need to apply for a permit.

I have several different vans can I have more than one permit?
No, only one permit is allowed per household

I am hiring a van to get rid of waste do I need a permit?
Yes, you will need to register for a permit if you plan to hire a van or twin axle trailer for a short-term hire. You will need to take your hire documents to site with you as an operative will ask to see them. Please allow 2 workings days for your application to be processed.

I am having some work done at home, can I get for a permit for a builder/gardener/carpet fitter?
No, if you are having work done by tradespeople, then this is classed as trade waste and is chargeable. Your trader should remove their waste and dispose of it at a trade waste facility or by using a skip. Traders may build these costs into your overall service charge.

I have a van registered in my employer’s name (work's van) can I get permit?
You will need to contact Suez at to provide an alternative form of evidence (such as a letter from the employer or lease documentation). Again, such a vehicle can only be used to deliver the residents’ own household waste to the recycling centre.

I have a car and am permitted 52 visits. If I need to use a twin axle trailer with that vehicle do I therefore get 18 more visits with my permit?
No, your 18 visits with your permit will still be recorded on our ANPR system, therefore will be counted as part of your 52 visits per year.
Please note: If you are having technical problems with your application or have been waiting more than 2 working days for confirmation of your permit, please contact:
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