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Temporary 'Pop-Up' Cycle Lane
A635 Manchester Road - A6140 Lord Sheldon Way

The reduced traffic volumes seen during lockdown gave more people the confidence to walk and cycle around the borough.  However, traffic levels are expected to increase again particularly with fears and pressures on the use of public transport.

We are creating ‘pop-up’ cycle lanes to help people travel safely providing an alternative to travelling by car and public transport.  The introduction of these schemes will provide a healthier, safe way to travel around the borough and into neighbouring towns and cities.   Changes to roads and pavements are also considered essential to supporting the local economy as people get used to different ways of working and travelling.

Changes to roads and pavements are essential to supporting the local economy as people gradually return to work.  Having safe routes on foot or by bike are essential - particularly for those who have been unable to work during the height of the lockdown period.
One of the first schemes to be trialled in Tameside is the introduction of a “pop-up” cycle lane along the A635 - Manchester Road, Audenshaw and A6140 - Lord Sheldon Way from Richmond Street Ashton to the Manchester boundary.  The aim of the scheme is to provide cyclists and pedestrians, travelling between Ashton town centre and Manchester City Centre with an improved space.  The scheme is being delivered in three phases:

Phase 1

Works have recently been completed to improve the route along the A6140 Lord Sheldon Way, Ashton up to Manchester Road, Audenshaw for pedestrians and cyclists.  Based on feedback received during the works we are currently considering making further junction improvements and widening footways to improve access to the bus and tram stops.

Phase 2

The second phase of the temporary works will see the introduction of a combination of measures running from the Snipe Retail Park along Manchester Road to the Manchester boundary as shown on the attached plans. 
Works, which are due to start on the 30 November, will include the introduction of a ‘pop-up’ cycle lane in the carriageway, marked out using traffic cones and signage.  Other sections of the route will involve the introduction of a shared surface for both pedestrians and cyclists.

Phase 3

There are plans to introduce a “pop-up” cycle lane on the eastbound carriage.  This work is not yet confirmed and will be implemented if funding becomes available.  If approved, residents directly affected by the scheme, will be notified and the approved plans will be shared on the Council’s dedicated walking and cycling webpage:


Have your say…..

We would like to hear your views on the trial scheme.
An online consultation is open from the 20 November 2020 to the 29 January 2021.  The survey can be accessed here:  
The results of the survey will be reviewed on a regular basis to determine if any immediate issues need to be addressed during the trial period.  Alternatively if you have any urgent concerns please email: or you can speak to a member of the project team by calling 0161 342 3949 each morning from 10am until 12 noon.
Once the consultation has ended a detailed review of all feedback will be undertaken to help determine if changes are needed to the scheme, whether it should be made permanent or removed altogether.  The results will be shared on the Council’s dedicated walking and cycling webpage at:


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