Maths Homework Help

The Librarians at Tameside Central Library have searched the web for sites that can help you with your homework.

Encyclopedia Britannica Library Edition Link to External Website - Gives you instant access to the Encyclopedia Britannica online, including the standard edition and the Student and Junior Encyclopedia Britannica's. It contains thousands of articles covering a huge range of topics including Maths. You just need your library barcode number to access this site.

Oxford Reference Online Link to External Website - Oxford Reference Online is an electronic library which contains a wealth of information about many subjects including Maths. You just need your library barcode number to access this site.

Ask Dr. Math Link to External Website - Search Dr Math's archives, and frequently asked questions for help with your maths homework.

GCSE Maths Answers Link to External Website - A site that lets you work through maths problems and click to get the answer. There are step by step explanations and tutorials for you to follow.

Webmath Link to External Website - An excellent maths site.

BBC Numeracy Link to External Website - Numeracy resources for ages 4 - 11.

If you can't find the answer you need, Tameside Libraries Information Service can help. Email your question to us

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