Tameside Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information, Advice and Support (IAS) Service


(formerly known as Tameside Parent Partnership Service – PPS)

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From the 1st September 2014 Parent Partnership Services (PPS) in every local authority evolved into Information, Advice and Support (IAS) Services. Each IAS Service will provide support similar to that of a PPS, although the type of support, and who is entitled to receive it, has been significantly expanded.

Information, Advice and Support – Key Points

  • IAS services are a statutory service that provides information, advice and support to children and young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN), and those with Disabilities, and their parents/carers (who have children/young people aged 0-25 yrs).
  • IAS services are required to be impartial, accessible and free.
  • Parents/carers, children and young people should be involved in the design of their local IAS service
  • IAS staff should be independently trained.
  • The obligations and expectations of an IAS Service are set out in Chapter 2 of the SEND Code of Practice 
  • The standards expected of IAS Services can be found in the IASSN Quality Standards
  • IAS Services will differ greatly from authority to authority, with variation in size, capacity and resources.

For further information about IAS Services contact the Information, Advice and Support Services Network (IASSN)

What kind of things does Tameside SENDIASS provide?

SENDIASS aims to encourage and develop partnership between children, young people, parents/carers, schools, the local authority and all other partners who are involved in working to identify, assess and meet the special educational needs of children and young people.

  • Confidential and impartial information, advice and support to children, young people and their parents/carers on Education matters and Health and Social Care matters in relation to education.
  • Information, advice and support on subjects including local policy and practice, personalisation, personal budgets, preparation for adulthood, the law on SEN and Disability, Health and Social Care.
  • Information, advice and support throughout the Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) assessment process and review process. Also information about existing Special Educational Needs (SEN) Statements and review process. 
  • Information, advice and support about SEN Support in settings, schools and further education.
  • Individual casework.
  • Support in preparing for and attending meetings.
  • Help in filling in forms and writing letters/reports.
  • Support in resolving disagreements, including Disagreement Resolution, Mediation and Tribunals.
  • Signposting to other local or national sources of advice, information and support.
  • Links to local parent support groups and forums.
  • Information about Tameside’s Local Offer www.tameside.gov.uk/localoffer
  • Information on the role of Independent Supporters (IS) and how to access this support (read below).

Range of Support

The range and duration of support will vary dependent on the individual needs of the case and the information and support offered by the service will be tailored accordingly. This may include face-to-face meetings, contact by telephone and/or email.

How to make a Referral

Primarily the service operates a ‘self-referral’ process. However, on occasions it may be considered appropriate for a professional to make contact with the service on behalf of the parents/carers or young person. The service will act upon such requests only on the full understanding that consent has been given.

Alternative Formats

If you require information in another format, please contact the service.

Contact Us:

The service is available:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday: 8.30am - 5.00pm
Thursday: 8.30am - 4.30pm and Friday: 8.30am - 4.00pm

It may not always be possible to speak with a member of the team during the times specified, due to outside office appointments etc. However, the service does operate an answer machine service, so that messages may be left at any time.

Tameside Special Educational Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS)
Jubilee Gardens
Gardenfold Way
M43 7XU

Tel: 0161 342 3383

Email: sendiass@tameside.gov.uk

Independent Support Programme – Independent Supporters (IS)

Independent Support is a Government funded programme which was originally running until 31st March 2018, however funding has been extended until the 31st July 2018 to provide additional support to children, young people and parents/carers during the implementation of the SEND reforms. The Council for Disabled Children (CDC) has given a contract to both SENDIASS and the voluntary sector to provide Independent Support within Tameside.

To date, the voluntary Independent Support offer in Tameside has been provided by The Together Trust. They have supported families and young people transferring from a Statement of Special Educational Needs to an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), whereby SENDIASS has provided information, advice and support to families, children and young people regarding new requests for EHC needs assessment. SENDIASS will continue to support new requests beyond the extended time as this is one of the services core duties.

From the 31st March 2018 the Together Trust will no longer be delivering an Independent Support service and therefore will not take any new referrals. They will however continue to work with the families and young people they are already supporting until the 30th June 2018.
During the extended period up until the 31.7.18, the voluntary IS offer will be provided by Barnardo’s. Barnardo’s contact details are tel. no 01772 629470 or email IndependentSupporters@barnardos.org.uk Barnardo’s will be offering targeted workshops for children/young people informing them about EHCP’s. For further details please contact them direct.

Please note, both SENDIASS and Barnardo’s can offer information and support with regards to the EHCP Annual Review process.

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