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Asylum Seekers


ASAP - Asylum Support Appeals Project

We reduce destitution amongst asylum seekers by protecting their legal rights to food and shelter. ASAP carries out three types of work:

  1. We offer free, high-quality legal representation and advice to asylum seekers and refused asylum seekers appealing against the Home Office decisions to refuse or withdraw their housing, financial subsistence, or both.
  2. We provide asylum support advice and training to frontline organisations, advice agencies and legal practitioners working with asylum seekers. We provide a range of training options and operate an Advice Line.
  3. Policy, lobbying and litigation to improve policies and procedures on asylum support.

Asylum Aid - Migrants Resource Centre

At MRC, our roots are in the migrant communities that we serve. Our services are delivered by a wide range of skilled and dedicated volunteers who come from all over the world. And most of our staff are themselves migrants or the children of migrants. Many started as service users or volunteers before joining the staff, and therefore understand the challenges our clients face. We are proud to see ourselves as a migrant-led organisation. But we also see ourselves as an integral part of the British communities in which we live. While our first mandate is to support migrants to integrate into British society, we know that integration must be a two-way process. And for this reason, we reach out to use our skills and time to support all members of the community in need, whether they are migrants or not. And we work closely with organisations representing other members of the community to address shared challenges.

MRC will support migrants, refugees and asylum seekers to settle, integrate, and build new lives in the UK. We will help migrants and their families to truly prosper by enabling them to:

  • Overcome the barriers that hold them back
  • Develop the skills they need to build positive new lives, and
  • Transform their communities and society to work for all who live here
  • Advice line: 020 7354 9264
  • Email:

Migrant Help

We offer our clients (vulnerable migrants) the advice and support they need to feel safe and lead successful lives in the UK. We assist victims of human trafficking and modern slavery on their path to recovery and work with other agencies to combat this abhorrent crime. We promote the values of equality, diversity, inclusiveness and empathy, enabling migrants to become parts of their local communities. We inform governments and policy makers to ensure fair and consistent processes are in place to assist those seeking refuge in the UK.

Refugee Council

The Refugee Council is one of the leading charities in the UK offering support and advice to people who are seeking asylum. The UK asylum process is complex and frequent changes to legislation can make it a difficult system to understand.  Asylum seekers are some of the most vulnerable people in society and they are often misrepresented in the media.  Our job is to help them to navigate the process and support them along the way. 

Refugee Action

If you need help or advice about seeking asylum in the UK:
Please look at this list of support services for people seeking asylum to find out how we can help or where to call for other services. 

  • We:
  • Help and advice for refugees and asylum seekers on issues including the asylum process and how to access support.
  • Support and advice for refugees and asylum seekers struggling with the asylum process, poverty and homelessness.
  • Support and resources for organisations working with refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants across the UK

Rainbow Haven

Rainbow Haven aims to provide a welcoming and supportive drop-in where new arrivals can get their immediate and longer term needs met. We have a small staff team, supplemented by a team of volunteers from various backgrounds and by students on placement with us. We work closely in partnership with other agencies to increase the variety of services and activities we can provide at the drop-ins and to enable us to make effective referrals for people needing greater levels of expertise and support.
  • Telephone: 0161 370 3472
  • Email:
  • Visit:

Freedom from Torture

We provide counsellinggroup therapy and ongoing support.

We run groups like gardening, music, creative writing and cookery.

We provide expert medical assessments to support survivors’ asylum claims.

And we use our expertise and evidence to protect and promote survivors' rights and hold torturers to account.

Manchester Refugee Support Network (MRSN)

Manchester Refugee Support Network (MRSN) is a grass-roots organisation directly managed by refugee communities, based in Manchester. For over 22 years, we have been providing practical support to those fleeing persecution, conflict, and various forms of injustice and abuse


  • Meet the needs of asylum seekers and refugees in Manchester
  • Advance the education and training of refugees and asylum seekers
  • Strengthening the influence and involvement of refugees in shaping the decisions and processes that affect their lives life in Manchester
  • Positively influence perceptions of asylum and refugees in Manchester
  • Support and promote the physical and mental health of refugees and asylum seekers
  • Build strong and independent refugee community organisations,
  • Develop the skills of community leaders

At MRSN, we help refugees and asylum seekers to get the basic support they need to live again with dignity. Then we help them build safe, happy and productive lives in the UK.

  • Telephone: 0161 868 0777
  • Email: or
  • Visit:

Boaz Trust

The Boaz Trust is a Christian organisation accommodating destitute asylum seekers and refugees in Greater Manchester. Once accommodated we offer advocacy and pastoral support, as well as meeting practical needs like food, to our clients. We want to see a more just asylum system where no one is left destitute. Our aim is to end asylum destitution. We want to see people who are seeking sanctuary in the UK leading fulfilling lives. To this end we provide accommodation and support for destitute asylum seekers and refugees, and speak up with asylum seekers in campaigning for a more compassionate asylum system.

Citizens Advice

Our service is free, confidential and open to everyone in the community. Our staff are trained to give information on virtually any issue, including:

  • Welfare Benefits
  • Debt Advice
  • Financial Capability
  • Employment
  • Consumer Rights
  • Housing
  • Neighbourhood Disputes
  • Education and Healthcare
  • Immigration and Residency Issues (OISC Level1 - advice and assistance only)
  • Human Rights
  • Family and Personal Issues

We won't tell you what to do but we will arm you with all the facts and possible outcomes of different options to allow you to make the decision that's right for you. If needed, we can also offer practical support, such as help with filling in forms, writing letters or negotiating with third parties.

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit

Greater Manchester Immigration Aid Unit (GMIAU) exists to advise, support, represent and campaign with people subject to immigration control. Our aim to ensure access to justice for survivors of torture, trafficked, human rights abuse and conflict as well as divided families and other who are in need and affected by immigration controls.

  • To provide free, confidential, independent information, advice, representation and advocacy services to the communities within our funding area.
  • To assist such individuals trying to obtain entry/leave to remain in the UK for themselves and/or for family members.
  • To liaise and develop links with other agencies dealing with immigration, asylum and nationality issues.
  • To promote access to justice for those subject to immigration control.
  • To provide support to individual and national campaigns.
  • To provide training on asylum, immigration and nationality issues.