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Tameside’s Pathways to Employment

Education and Training (7 Pathways)

In Tameside we want the absolute best for every one of our Looked After Children and Care Leavers. We have created a prospectus in the hope that it will help you to make the best choice for your future whether you are ready to enter the world of work, or would like to gain some support along the way.

In Tameside we have very high aspirations for our care leavers, we aim to support them to achieve all of their goals and aspirations and we are absolutely committed to ensuring they have access to all the support and opportunities they need to secure their future prosperity and wellbeing. This prospectus is the result of collaborative work from across the Council and with our partner agencies including input from the Leaving Care Service, Virtual School Team, Transition Support Team, Workforce Development, Positive Steps, Adult Learning and Active Tameside.”  Cllr OIiver Ryan, Children’s Services.

The aim of this Prospectus is to:

  • Help you to make the best decision for your future
  • Let you know about the different pathways that you can take towards living a fully independent and happy life
  • Let you know what support is available for you so that you can pick the one that suits you best

The prospectus includes seven pathways; each one aims to help you become a happy, healthy, successful and financially secure adult. Each of these 7 pathways will help you to build your confidence, learn more about yourself such as what your interests are, what you are good at, and what your aims are for your future. The pathways will also help you to gain qualifications and works experience, all of which will support you on your journey to success. You can talk about any one of these with your Carer, Social Worker or Personal Advisor who can help you to decide which pathway would be best for you.
Please click on the link to explore your opportunities:
Tameside Offer Prospectus

Next review date of Prospectus: January 2019

Children's Social Care

Location: Denton 

Children's Social Care provides a range of services to support children, mainly those with additional and complex needs, in order safeguard them to promote their welfare.

Referrals are made by family members, children and young people, and professionals from other services. Services are available following assesment 
by the social work teams. Services include a range of family support, help with parenting, advice, information and social work intervention.

The service manages plans for children in need, children in need of protection and children looked after and is responsible for reviewing those plans. Children who are looked after may live in foster care or in residential care. They will receive support with their education and will be supported into independence where appropriate.

The service also has social workers who work in the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service.

Open: Monday-Friday at 8:30am (out of hours Number: 342 2222)

Referral Details: Self Referral by Drop-in or Telephone

Age Range: 0 - 18

  • Address:
  • Denton Centre
  • Acre Street
  • Denton
  • M34 2BW


Location: National 

This is a free and confidential helpline that is open for children and young people to ring at any time of the day. You can also download their app 'For me' on the app store. Counsellors are available to chat to every child that is in need of help, is worried or just needs a friendly chat. 

Open: 24 hours

Age: 0-19 years

  • Address:
  • Weston House
  • 42 Curtain Road
  • London
  • EC2A 3NH

Leaving Care Support Team

Location: Ashton 

If you have been in care our team can provide you with help and support or if you are homeless your accommodation needs will be assessed by Housing Advice and Leaving Care and your ongoing support can come from this service. 

Referral Details: By other agencies

Access/Facilities: General amenities

Age Range: 16-21 years (25 years if in Higher Education)

  • Address:
  • 31 Clarence Arcade
  • Stamford Street
  • Ashton
  • OL6 7PT

Tameside Safeguarding Children Board

Location: Hyde 

The TSCB is the partnership to promote the safety and well-being of children and young people in Tameside. The TSCB website has information for everyone to find out more about making Tameside a safe and happy place for children and young people.    

Find out what simple steps you can take to keep safe when you are on-line by clicking here

If you would like more information about this then please visit the website or contact the number provided.

  • Address:
  • Hyde Town Hall
  • Market Street
  • Hyde
  • SK14 1AL

Tameside Children's Rights Service

Location: Stalybridge 

The Advocacy Service:
This service supports Looked after Children and Young People aged 5-19 years and children and young people on a Child Protection Plan aged 11-19 years to:
• raise issues and concerns about things they are unhappy about
• understand what is happening in their lives
• make their views and wishes known 
• exercise choice when decisions are being made about their lives
• make a complaint

The Independent Visitor Service:
This service supports Looked after Children and Young People aged 10-18 years, to have an Independent Visitor (adult volunteer) who offers support through regular participation in a range of positive, fun activities together.

The Return Interviews for Missing Children Service:
This service supports children and young people aged up to 19 years to complete Missing from Home interviews by:
• talking about what is happening in their lives, sharing the things that matter and the reasons for running away
• identifying ways to keep safe and understanding what needs to change to make this happen
• helping them to understand what happens now they have returned and to recognise the support services available 
If you would like to refer a child or young person to any of the services, or if you are aged 18 years and over and would like more information regarding being an Independent Visitor, please contact us on:

  • Address:
  • Stalybridge Community Fire Station
  • Rassbottom St
  • Stalybridge
  • SK15 1RF


The National Youth Advocacy Service (NYAS) is a rights based charity which operates across England and Wales for children, young people and adults. We exist to support children, vulnerable adults, parents and carers to be heard through the provision of confidential advice, information and representation.

NYAS offers a variety of services including:

  • A national advocacy helpline.
  • Advocacy for children in care and those in need – including children subject to child protection plans, care leavers, children and young people with disabilities.
  • The provision of independent visitors for children in care.
  • Legal representation of children in private family law.

If you are a child, young person or ringing on behalf of a child, young person or vulnerable adult and need help, information or advice, please contact our freephone helpline or email

After Adoption

Location: Manchester 

After Adoption offers support, advice and councelling available for anyone affected by adoption. Includes adopted persons and birth relatives.

It also provides adoption services through our families that last team. Finding families for children who are more difficult to place.

They provide an intermediary service so birth relatives separated by adoption can contact eachother. They also support adoptive parents through there Safebase programme and provide family days for adoptive families.

Open:  Monday-Friday, 9:00am-5:00pm and also 6:00pm-8:00pm

Saturdays, 10:00am-4:00pm.

Referral Details:  Self Referral via Drop-in or Telephone

Access/Facilities:  Disabled Access and Accessible Parking

Cost:  Contact for Details

Age Range:  All Ages

  • Address:
  • Unit 5
  • Blantyre Street
  • Manchester
  • M15 4JJ

Adoption Now

Adoption Now is a Regional Adoption Agency (RAA) that brings together the local authority adoption services for six areas in the North West of England:
  • Blackburn with Darwen
  • Bolton
  • Bury
  • Rochdale
  • Tameside
  • Oldham
We also work in partnership with two voluntary adoption agencies, Caritas Care and Adoption Matters.

As a new Regional Adoption Agency we are building on the good reputation and excellent work already being done to provide high quality adoption services for children and adults.

Our core purpose is to deliver the following:

• High quality, child-centred, and efficient family finding service for children who have a plan for adoption.
• Robust, responsive and sensitive adopter approval service.
• A highly skilled and professional support services for adopters, adopted children, adopted adults and birth parents.
If you're thinking about adoption, come and talk to us!
We welcome enquiries from these areas, as well as Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. We will consider enquiries from within the North West and wider if you are looking to adopt harder to place children.

Capstone Care Leavers Trust

The Capstone Care Leavers Trust (CCLT) awards grants to people aged 17-25 years who have been in Local Authority Care in England or Wales and are in need. The CCLT also offers advice and guidance to young people to help reduce their experience of social exclusion and enhance their life chances.

The Capstone Foster Care group, has historically made donations to charities that work to assist disadvantaged young people to help them get started in adult life. The creation of The Capstone Care Leavers Trust has enabled young people who have been in local authority care to benefit from financial support not available elsewhere.

Many young people who have been in ‘Care’, either in Local Authority foster care placements or in children’s homes, are expected to live independently from as young as 16 years old. They do not have access to the same financial and family support systems that most young people experience, when able to continue living in the parental home as young adults. So many care leavers begin their adult lives with no family support at all, no-one to rely on, and minimal financial resources.

Typically, we would consider awarding grants for:-

  • Further Education courses
  • Higher Education courses
  • Training courses 
  • Laptop
  • Travel costs to place of study/training
  • Driving lessons - subject to meeting criteria
  • Practical Driving Test
  • Household goods – Sofa, chairs, cookerfridgefreezerwashing machine bedwardrobe, drawers.

It is not however, the intention, or responsibility of the CCLT to replace grants, funding or any other types of financial support and services available to care leavers from statutory, or voluntary organisations. These areas of support must have been thoroughly explored before we are able to consider an application for a grant.

All information that you provide to us will be treated confidentially and will only be shared with third parties relevant to the decision making process. We will monitor outcomes of grants we make, in order to help us evaluate our effectiveness and improve our service for care leavers in the future.


We’ve been a charity for 200 years. Today our 1600 colleagues work across children’s social care, deliver alternative education, get people into work through apprenticeships and employability programmes, build stronger communities through social action, and deliver social justice and rehabilitation services (in prisons and in the community). You can see a full list of our services here.

The Care Leavers' Association

The Care Leavers Association is “an ever growing network of care leavers.”

Our Vision is for “a good life in care, a good life after care.”

Our mission is “to bring together the voices of care leavers of all ages so that we improve the current care system, improve the quality of life of care leavers throughout their life and change for the better society’s perception of people who have been in care.”

We help with:
  • CJS Project 
  • Access To Records
  • Policy and Campaigns
  • Young People Leaving Care
  • Heritage
  • Education
  • Wellbeing
  • Housing
  • Networking
  • Training

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