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Frequently Asked Questions


I feel overwhelmed, who can I talk to?

Talk to your Health Visitor or Lead Professional/Key Worker if you have one and they will be able to help you.  Alternatively, contact the Integrated Service for Children with Disabilities and ask for support.


Where can I get help when my child is approaching school/nursery age?

Many children with additional needs attend their local school or Early Years Setting, where with adjustments and careful planning their needs can be met.  Where the child has been identified as having significant additional needs parents will be supported by the professional involved.  These may include the family's Health Visitor, Key Worker/Lead Professional, Portage Worker, Early Years Setting Special Needs Coordinator, Area Special Needs Coordinator, Educational Psychologist. 

For some children with significant additional needs the Local Authority may offer an assessment place at Acorn Integrated Nursery.  The decision to offer a place would be made on a case by case basis by a panel using evidence describing the child's additional needs and details of progress over time.  You will be fully involved in any decision about the school your child will attend.


My child has significant additional needs and I am worn out. How can I get a break?

If you have a lead professional, Key Worker or Social Worker talk to them.   Otherwise contact the Integrated Services for Children with Disabilities.  Following this an assessment of needs will take place and options around short breaks will be discussed with you.


What Services are available to help with my child's development?

There is a list of services in the local contact sections.  If you need help to access services contact your Health Visitor or visit your local Children's Centre and ask for help. (children's centre listing).


How can I make contact with other parents of children with additional needs?

There are a number of local parent support groups.  Sunshine Parent Group meets regularly in Hyde and Dukinfield.  Phone 07794 311954 for further details or see our local support groups.


I'm struggling with transport to get to appointments?

There are a number of services which can help with transport to hospital appointments. 


Where can I get help to understand the options for financial support to help fill in forms?

The staff at Tameside Carer's Centre are very helpful,  Contact them to make an appointment or visit the  Direct Gov website to find out about financial support.    The Local Welfare Rights Service can assist you in completing any forms.


If I have problems with my child's equipment, who can I contact?

This is dependent upon the type of equipment.  It is usually the service that has assessed for the equipment in the first instance.   As a guide, wheelchairs and pushchairs are cared for by the Wheelchair Centre at Tameside General Hospital (tel: 0161 355 2801) or the repair contactor Rosscare (tel: 0161 344 0482), seating, bathing, toileting, sleep systems and beds (if provided for other reasons than for pressure care) by the Occupational Therapists. (tel: 0161 366 2052), sleep systems, standing and walking equipment by the Physiotherapists (tel: 0161 366 2052) and any nursing equipment through the Complex Needs Nursing Team (also on 0161 366 2052).  Adaptations carried out in the home such as ramps or tracking hoists are usually dealt with via the community Occupational Therapists (0161 370 2060).  If you are in doubt who to contact, telephone one of the teams who will be hopefully be able to signpost you in the right direction.


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