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The Solihull Approach

The Solihull Approach is a practical and consistent way of working to support families from conception to adulthood and beyond.  It is an approach that was developed by frontline professionals and Hazel Douglas, a child psychotherapist and clinical psychologist in order to provide support that is robust and adaptable to whatever difficulties that families may face at any time during their lives.

It is evidence based and helps parents to understand behaviours that their children are displaying alongside providing practical support to enable the parents to confidently choose and adapt techniques to support their children to overcome any difficulties or issues that they may face.

The Approach underpins all the support that we provide families whatever stage of their journey they are at, and as such our aim is to ensure that every family in Tameside has access to the learning and support that the Solihull Approach offers. 

We understand that sometimes a family feels they need additional support surrounding specific behaviours and also that sometimes it is short term support and advice that a family will require, with this in mind we are also able to offer access to The Incredible Years Parenting group and one to one support within our clinic. 
In addition to the groups we offer our telephone helpline is available for all parents to contact for immediate advice and support.

You can be assured that all of our staff on the parenting team are fully trained in the Solihull approach so that when you need to contact us the messages and advice that you are given will be consistent regardless of who you speak to.

We are also working towards training all our partners who may work with you and your children, either now or in the future, in the Solihull approach so that you will always receive the best support and advise for your family regardless of where it is being provided from.


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Grow - Free Online Parenting Courses 

Understanding your teenager’s brain
Understanding your child
Understanding your baby
Understanding pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby
Popular online courses about being the best parent, grandparent
or carer you can be.
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Top Tips for helping your child be ready for school

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Incredible Years Parenting Course

Incredible Years (Webster-Stratton) is a parenting programme aimed at children aged 2-8years and is run over 14 weeks.

The programme follows a specific pyramid of strategies used to develop important relationships with their children, helps to develop positive life skills, consistent routines and rules and when to use behaviour management; Play, Praise, Effective Limit setting, Ignore Strategy, Time Out for aggression and non-compliance, consequences and problem solving.
The programme is interactive and there is a requirement to commit to trying out the strategies in the home environment and to come back to group to feedback and explore experiences!

Part of the programmes focus is to work with parents around coping techniques, looking at positive self- talk and ways to stay calm and learn to relax when times become difficult.
The programme supports different learning styles; observation, interaction, experiential, visual, and some reading and writing required.  

  • Families with high risk factors (subject to extensive parent interview)
  • Families from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds
  • Children with conduct problems
  • Children with diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, ASD (subject to adaptation)
  • Children with insecure attachment
  • Children with language difficulties
  • Children who have either internalising or externalising problems
  • Supporting school readiness for pre-school age children


  • Group meeting for 10 weeks
  • For parents with children aged birth to 5 years
  • This is a ‘first response’ programme
  • Solihull includes a variety of topics  including:
  • Understanding your child’s behaviour
  • Tuning into your child’s developmental needs
  • Learn to have fun together
  • Developing strategies for when things go wrong
  • Developing a life long thinking skill

Solihull Teens

  • Group meeting for 10 weeks
  • For parents with children aged 10-19 years
  • Solihull Teens includes a variety of topics including:
  • Physical and Emotional and cognitive changes during puberty
  • How to build a positive relationship with your teenager
  • Respect for each other
  • Boundary setting and managing  behaviour
  • Understanding you Teenager

Freedom Programme

  • Group meeting for 6 weeks
  • For parents of any age
  • Freedom Programme includes a variety of topics including:
  • The different aspects of a dominator
  • Understanding the attitudes and beliefs of abusive men, and the responses of the victims
  • The effects Domestic Violence has on children
  • Warning Signs

Who we are and contact?
Rachel Berrisford – Team Manager
Kim McInerney – Parenting Co-Ordinator
Azara Azam – Parenting Co-Ordinator
Julie Hart – Creche Worker
Anita McQuillan – Creche Worker
Jenny Bostock – Childrens Centre Co-Ordinator
The parenting team is based at

Comments from Parents:
“Really good course, took away fab strategies for dealing with and understanding child’s emotions.  A much better appreciation of child’s needs and development.”
“I have found this course helpful, situations have improved with my child and I’m hoping he will continue to progress with his difficulties.”
“Would like to thank everyone for helping me to be more aware of my children’s feelings and also to be more patient.”
“The course has made me think before shouting at my children.  I have learned new strategies and how to cope in different situations.  I will miss you all.”
“Was good to go over the strategies we’ve learnt and to remember that sometimes it’s good to go back to the lower strategies before carrying on with upper tier ones”. Related to session 14.
“This session has given me ideas to use at home” Related to session 14.
“Thank you for helping me realise my confidence again.  I do not need a social worker to tell me I’m a good mum, I always have been.  Thanks so much xxx.”
“This course has helped to reduce my child’s behaviour, he listens to me more now, he is also more loving towards me and our relationship is so much better”
“I have found this course really great and helpful to help me with my children, I am being more consistent now and sticking to things not giving in has improved things so much, they understand now no means no”
“I found this course very helpful.  I learnt how to handle my child’s behaviour better and also to look at myself and how to manage better”
“I found the course very helpful, I have learned how to keep myself and my daughter under control”
“This course has helped me feel more in control and supported.  I remember now why I love my son”.
Professionals and parents need to complete the referral form and return to
or contact the same e-mail for further information.

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Solihull Guide for Practitioners (1.4MB)

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