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Stay Safe


Most services working with Children, Young People and their Families are safe and workers will have received appropriate training.

There are certain questions we have asked services before adding their details to our directory, which are:-

Do they have a Child Protection Policy?
(This means services know what to do if they suspect a child or young person is being harmed or abused).

Have appropriate staff had a Criminal Records Bureau check?
(This means that a check has been done to see whether they have any criminal offences at the time of employment).

If this information is not displayed you may wish to ask these questions before using a service or you can contact the SID administrator for further queries.

There are lots of organisations that are run from home by volunteers and in these circumstances it is not always possible for us to provide an address but there will be another form of contact for these organisations. If you would like to ask us any questions about this please do not hesitate to contact us.

Other things you can do to keep safe:


It's not a good idea to give anyone on-line your home or e-mail address, home or mobile number or where you go to school without asking a parent or carer first.

Telephone Contact

If you want to withhold your telephone number when contacting an organisation you can dial 141 before the telephone number you are calling this will not allow people to see the telephone number that you are calling from.

Visiting an Organisation

It is a good idea, when visiting an organisation for the first time, that you tell a responsible adult or maybe take a friend with you.

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