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 Guidance for staff

Across organisations, practitioners have various practices and procedures available to respond to situations.

To assist Safeguarding Adult Managers to consider when safeguarding adult procedures should be invoked and is the most appropriate option to support the 'victim', Tameside Adults Safeguarding Partnership Board (TASPB) have produced guidance regarding actions to take to safeguard vulnerable adults .

Guidance has been produced to assist Safeguarding Adult Managers to make informed decisions about when to invoke Safeguarding Adults procedures in relation to:

TASPB have also produced a multi-agency matrix  of forums to respond to the safer community agenda.

When Safeguarding Adults Managers invoke the Safeguarding Adults procedures a leaflet detailing how the process works  is given and gives alleged victims opportunity to discuss what they would like to happen to ensure they feel safe. This leaflet can also be used to feedback on how the process worked and what improvements can be made.

This information can be seen as an easy read version (0.58MB) ,  British Sign Language Version or an audio version. If you require this please contact the Safeguarding Adults Team.

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