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Information Sharing


Information Sharing Protocol


The Information Sharing Protocol (0.35MB) has been agreed by Tameside Adult Safeguarding Partnership Board and should be used as a reference document for the sharing of information.

Sharing of Information

Information will be shared only on a ‘need to know basis’

  • Information about a client/patient should only be used for the purpose for which it is intended.
  • Breaches of confidentiality and security can result in disciplinary and even criminal or civil action against individual members of staff.
  • Sharing information is vital to the provision of high quality, responsive, coordinated care for clients/service users.
  • It is essential that transfers of information must meet legal and ethical standards.
  • Legislation does not prevent the sharing of information between agencies delivering services, although there are important rules and safeguards.
  • All professionals who are party to this agreement accept their continuing obligation to comply with their professional codes of conduct.

It is expected that individual agencies will prepare their own operational procedures specific to particular purposes. However, all agencies that are party to the Information Sharing Protocol agree to ensure that operational procedures are compliant and consistent with this document.



Sharing Personal Information with Someone Else

  • Does the person requesting the information need it to do their job?
  • Are you sure the person requesting the information is who they say they are?
  • If not, can you justify passing on the information without consent?
  • Have you got the client/service users consent to pass the information on?
  • Do you need to pass on the whole record/file?

Try to pass on the minimum information necessary.

When you are Requesting Personal Information

  • Do you need the information to do your job?
  • Can you anonymise information?
  • Do you need the whole file/record?

If you only need minimum details, or a summary, please only request this.

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