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Facts About Stalybridge

Graphic - Filming of the movie, Yanks, Trinity Street Graphic - Stalybridge Town Hall from Portland Place. Side of building on the left shows large advertisement , circa 1910 Graphic - Bohemia Cottages, from Stamford Street by the river bridge, Cocker Hill and old St George's churchyard in the top right corner

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  • Stalybridge has two known entries in the Guinness Book of Records for 1995 - the pubs with the longest and shortest names in the United Kingdom! The longest named is: "The Old Thirteenth Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn", on Astley Street, and the shortest is: The "Q" Inn, on Market Street!
  • Stalybridge Station Buffet Bar dates back to 1885. It retains many of its original features, and travellers and townspeople alike can still enjoy a pint or a cup of tea there, surrounded by mementos of an earlier time, and watched over by the image of Queen Victoria etched in the glass of the great mirror that hangs over the fire!
  • Jack Judge (1878-1938) was a fishmonger from Oldbury in Staffordshire who became a singer-comedian after winning a talent competition. Jack is best remembered as the writer and composer of the song "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" which became immensely popular during the First World War. This was written in Stalybridge on 30th January 1912, as the result of a five shilling bet, and was first performed on the following day at the Grand Theatre in the town!
  • Ada Jane Summers (1861-1944) was the first woman councillor in Tameside, the first woman councillor, mayor and freeman of Stalybridge, and one of the first women in England to be appointed a justice of the peace!
  • Stalybridge Brass Band is the oldest brass band in the world.
  • Stalybridge is home to 2 Grade II* and 53 Grade II Listed Buildings.
  • Blue Plaques denote areas of historic interest - Stalybridge is the proud home to 16 of 63 plaques within the Borough.
  • The 1979 film "Yanks" which starred Richard Gere dealt with the invasion of hundreds of American soldiers during World War II - and was filmed in part in Stalybridge.
  • Sited on the front of Stalybridge Library in Trinity Street, Stalybridge, a blue plaque honours Sergeant William Booth who served in the 20th Manchester Regiment in Italy during the First World War.
  • John Bradbury was a truly remarkable man - celebrated botanist, intrepid explorer of the interior of America, author and family man. John Bradbury's Blue Plaque is located at Stalybridge Country Park.
  • Born in May 1813 at Cocker Hill in Stalybridge, John Buckley was destined to have a tragic family life though he himself thwarted death many times. His blue plaque is located at the Travellers Call Public House, Stalybridge.
  • A blue plaque on Stalybridge Town Hall frontage commemorates the first general strike which originated in this area.
  • A plaque to our local dialect poet, Samuel Laycock is on a stone plinth on the site of the Mechanics Institute on the High Street in Stalybridge (now moved to Hob Hill Mews).
  • Gibbon Mitchell was born in 1869 in a house built by his stonemason father on Malakoff Street, Stalybridge. His blue plaque is situated at Malakoff Street, Stalybridge.
  • Robert Platt (1802-1882), born in Stalybridge, and Margaret Platt (1819-1888), born in Salford, were philanthropists and benefactors of "The Public Baths", Stalybridge opened in May 1870. Their blue plaque is located at Woodlands, Mottram Road, Stalybridge.
  • The Blue Plaque at Gorse Hall Estate, Stalybridge, celebrates the site of Gorse Hall which was built by Beatrix Potter's maternal grandparents, John and Jane Leech. Beatrix often visited Gorse Hall with her mother, Helen Leech.
  • Sited at the National Railway Museum, York, the plaque commemorates the fully restored original station clock, now entrusted to the museum, with a replica clock at Stalybridge Station.
  • The work of the committed reformer, Joseph Raynor Stephens who strove to protect the workers from the worst excesses of industrialisation and who had such a strong impact locally. His blue plaque is situated at Stalybridge Town Hall Frontage, Waterloo Road.
  • Twenty years the junior of John Bradbury was one Jethro Tinker who also became a well known botanist, particularly in the vicinity of Stalybridge where he lived all his eighty three years. Jethro Tinker's Blue Plaque is located at Stalybridge Country Park.
  • The blue plaque located on the Buffet Bar at Stalybridge Station was unveiled on 15th March 2002 by Mrs. Ellen Bate, as a tribute to her father, Fred Wood.

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