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Stalybridge: Greater Manchester Town of Culture 2022

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The Greater Manchester Town of Culture programme celebrates the distinctiveness of one town each year, selected from the ten districts of Greater Manchester. It provides an opportunity to highlight and celebrate the distinctive culture of towns across Greater Manchester, as well as to raise local ambitions for cultural provision, a night-time economy, and increase pride in a place.

Greater Manchester is known globally for its significant contribution to culture, and every part of Greater Manchester has many culturally rich neighbourhoods, all of which are unique to that particular place. The annual accolade has been awarded to Stalybridge for 2022, highlighting the distinctive creativity and diversity of the Greater Manchester town, and putting a spotlight on the remarkable art, culture and heritage that exists across Greater Manchester.

There will be a 4-month celebration of cultural activities, using creativity, art and design to build a series of community-driven campaigns to promote slow art, slow food, slow movement ideas, enabling communities to initiate conversations and ideas around climate, equality, access, health and identity.

These conversations will result in a series of projects, activities and events to create accessible opportunities for local communities, businesses and visitors to engage in global issues at a local level.

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