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Summer Sun Fun

Summer Sun Fun! School holidays can be a great opportunity to spend fun time with your child or teen outside. Being outside can lead to lots of chances for learning new language and exploring the world around us. Even if it’s raining, get wrapped up and go outside to jump in the puddles and get muddy!

Research shows that children use five times as many words when they play outdoors compared to indoors. Children also show fewer behaviour difficulties outside.

Top Tips:

  • Being outside means there are less distractions from technology such as TV and iPads.
  • Outdoor play can be more messy such as sand, water fights, painting, digging in the mud etc.
  • Local parks, libraries and Children’s Centres in Tameside often run free activities for families – check out our Facebook page for details.
  • It can be difficult to keep children busy on long journeys. Try playing games such as “I Spy…”, signing nursery rhymes, spotting cars of different colours, 20 questions etc.

Over the summer we will have a different theme each week with ideas of activities to keep your child engaged outside. Activities will include den building, messy play, enjoying nature and having picnics.


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