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Additional Restrictions Grant Fund (for domestic & commercial based businesses and Tameside Taxi licence holders)


Additional Restrictions Grant Fund (for domestic & commercial based businesses and Tameside Taxi licence holders)

The final round closed for applications at 11:59pm on Monday 31st May 2021.

Any applications received before and up to the closing date will be processed as efficiently as possible and applicants notified
If you have been asked to provide additional evidence in support of your application please email this to
This inbox is solely for the receipt ARG applications and/or additional evidence, queries will not be replied to from this inbox.

Please read the information on this page before applying, there is one application form covering both schemes which can be found at the bottom of this page


Who is Eligible?

Businesses that fit all the criteria below may be eligible:
  • Tameside businesses trading from domestic or commercial premises
OR Tameside taxi licence holder (private hire and / or hackney carriage driver licence)
  • Trading on 22 October 2020
  • Businesses ineligible for LRSG (Closed); (Closed) Addendum or (Sector) grants,
  • Severely impacted by COVID-19
This is not a new grant scheme.  If you have already successfully applied for the ARG, please do not re-apply unless you were ineligible because you are a domestic based business.

Companies that are in administration, are insolvent or where a striking-off notice has been made are not eligible for funding under either scheme.

Evidence needed to support your application

  • Evidence to confirm the business was trading from Tameside premises (or as a private hire / hackney carriage licenced driver) on 22 October 2020:
    • a bank statement for the applicant business showing business related transactions (MANDATORY)
    • other document demonstrating active trade continuing up to 22 October 2020 with an explanation of how it is relevant.
Any document provided must be dated within, or applicable to, the period October 2020.
  • For businesses trading from a domestic setting: evidence of fixed business costs, separate to domestic/residential costs; such as insurance, legal and accountancy fees, trading licences, utilities, equipment rental, software licences and commercial vehicle costs. Fixed costs do not include stock, domestic property or employee costs.  Tameside taxi licence holders must provide their current licence reference number
  • For businesses trading from commercial premises:
    • Confirmation of the number of employees based within Tameside premises of the business e.g. monthly employee payment summary (please ensure any summary has personal details redacted and only shows aggregate number of employees based within Tameside premises).
    • Lease, rental or business mortgage agreement to evidence Fixed Property Costs (rent) if trading business has no rateable value liability or Business Rates Reference Number of rateable value details if applicable
  • Bank statement provided must confirm the bank account details provided for receipt of grant award payment are related to the applicant business.
  • Passport or driving licence as proof of identity.
You can upload scanned copies or pictures of your supporting documents. Attachment size must not exceed 15Mb per attachment. We accept:
  • PDFs (.pdf)
  • word documents (.doc or .docx)
  • images (.jpg or .png)
Please note that your application cannot be processed without the necessary evidence and it is important that you provide this in the application form.

The link to the application form is at the bottom of this web page


The Additional Restrictions Grant is intended to support businesses in local economies severely impacted by COVID-19 in addition to grant funding under the Local Restrictions Support Grant from the 23 October 2020 (the date Greater Manchester entered Tier 3). View Tameside’s scheme 
Applications close when funds are exhausted or on 31 May 2021, whichever is earliest.

Businesses eligible for the Additional Restrictions Grant will be awarded the following one off grant fund payment:
Domestic based businesses and Tameside taxi (private hire and hackney carriage drivers) licence holders will be able to access a one off grant of £1,500.
Commercial based businesses will be able to access one off grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 dependent on their number of employees based within Tameside premises of their business. The grant is available only once to each eligible business that trades from a Tameside fixed commercial premises.


Number of employees based within Tameside premises of the business Grant payment
0 – 9 employees £5,000
10 – 49 employees £9,000
50 – 249 employees £15,000
250 or more employees £25,000

The scheme will operate on a first come, first served basis until all the funding available is fully allocated or the closing date is reached. Tameside Council has full discretion over this grant scheme. The Council’s decisions regarding the scheme are final. There is no appeal process for this grant scheme. 
Other information
  • The Government and the Council will not accept deliberate manipulation and fraud - and any business caught falsifying their records to gain grant money will face prosecution and any funding issued will be subject to claw back, as may any grants paid in error. This includes information in relation to the impact of COVID19.
  • There is a requirement for all grants made under this scheme to be state aid compliant, please see the further guidance on this at this link – State Aid Guidance
  • Tax and benefits information - Receiving this grant will affect your tax and benefit payments in the following ways:
    • Tax - this grant is taxable. You'll need to include it as income on your business tax return.
    • Universal Credit - you'll need to declare this grant as income which may affect the amount of Universal Credit you receive. Sign in to your Universal Credit account to declare income
    • Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support - we'll automatically let the benefits service know you've received this grant and they'll re-assess your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support amount
  • All data submitted in relation to an application for this scheme will be shared across departments of Tameside Council, National Government and approved suppliers of anti-fraud services, for the purposes of preventing fraud, in line with GDPR regulations. 
  • The Council does not accept any liability for any issues that may arise for businesses because of applying for, receiving, or not receiving grant payments under this scheme.

The Privacy Notice below explains how the Council uses information about you and the ways in which we protect your privacy: 
Business Support Grants

Enquiries about the scheme can be emailed to

Paper based application forms can be requested from 0161 342 8355.
Please also note that your application cannot be processed without the necessary evidence and it is important that you provide this in the application form.

Please click here to apply


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