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What can I do if I am not happy about the care that my child is receiving?

Your course of action depends upon how seriously you perceive your concerns about the care that your child is receiving.

If you suspect child abuse or neglect you should contact Children’s Social Care immediately and inform them of your concerns. You can do this by ringing 0161 342 4101 during office hours and 0161 342 2222 out of office hours.

Each registered provider has a complaints procedure, which should have been explained to you when you enrolled your child.

You should always try and resolve your complaint with the childminder, supervisor/manager and/or owner of the care setting. However if you are unable to do this or not satisfied with the responses received you should use the complaint procedure to direct your next course of action.

If you have exhausted the provider's internal complaint procedure you should contact Ofsted

General enquiries:-
Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD
Telephone: 0300 123 1231
Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

In this case an inspector will discuss your concerns and investigate the matter.