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Day Nurseries

Day Nurseries are registered childcare facilities that offer both full and part time childcare for children from 0 - 5 years, some offer after school facilities too. They are usually open all year round, with opening and closing times set to accommodate both working and non-working parents with children under 5.

Why do they have to be registered?

They are required to register with Ofsted to meet the National Standards. These standards relate to their suitability as carers of children, the safety of premises and facilities, insurance and record keeping. Parents should not automatically assume that all carers have been subject to police checks. Supervisors and Officers in Charge will, but assistant staff may not necessarily be. Their certificate of Registration and Public Liability Insurance will always be on display.

The nursery is inspected regularly by Ofsted,and inspection reports are on the internet at Link to External Website and at the nursery.

How many children may attend?

The number will vary with each nursery.

There should always be an appropriate number of adults to children.

The staffing ratio for full day care is:

Age of child Number of staff per child
0 to 2 years 1 staff to 3 children
2 to 3 years 1 staff to 4 children
3 to 5 years 1 staff to 8 children


What do children do at a Day Nursery?

Activities and learning experiences are planned by skilled staff and will enhance every aspect of a child's development.

They provide children with pre-school experiences such as art, craft and construction activities, sand and water play, adventure play, music and movement, books and stories etc, as well as the opportunity to socialise with other children. They provide a stable, secure and relaxed environment where parents and carers feel satisfied to leave their children.

Most Day Nurseries in Tameside provide Nursery Education and are on the Nursery Education Provider Directory.

Information the Nursery will need

You will be asked to complete a registration form giving details of your child, any illnesses or allergies, where you can be contacted etc, and any information that will help your child to settle. You should be given information about the Nursery.

Some points to consider

  • Visit the nursery with your child.
  • Are you made welcome?
  • Check their Registration and Insurance certificates.
  • Do the children look happy? Do the adults seem to enjoy being with the children?
  • Are there plenty of toys, books, and play equipment, including dressing up clothes, and home corner set out for children's use?
  • Do the activities take into account the children's ages, cultural backgrounds and any special needs?
  • Do the toys, books, equipment, activities, displays and staff show a positive attitude to children of both sexes and of all races, religions, cultures, and disabilities?
  • Are you encouraged to settle your child?
  • Are you provided with any information about the services and policies?
  • Will you be consulted on your child's welfare and development?
  • Are the children prevented from leaving the premises undetected, are gates and fences kept secure?
  • Will they know how to reach you in an emergency?
  • Do they carry out regular fire drills and have their fire equipment maintained?

Take your time before you decide where to place your child, visit several nurseries, several times if necessary.

What if you are not happy about things at the Nursery?

Discuss any difficulties and follow the Nursery's complaints procedure. If you are still unable to resolve your difficulties and they relate to the quality of care, contact Ofsted Tel: 0300 123 1231 

Nursery Education

For further information on Nursery Education Grants see the leaflet Guide to Nursery Education Grants or contact Tameside Families Information Service on 0161 342 4260.

Where can I find a Day Nursery in Tameside?

Details of Day Nurseries are listed on the Online Childcare Finder or contact Tameside Families Information Service on 0161 342 4260.

Tameside Families Information Service is committed to promoting equal opportunities and aims to be accessible to all people across Tameside. It will provide information on non-sexist and non-racist childcare that will reflect the diverse nature of Tameside's multicultural society.

Tameside Families Information Service adheres to the Council Complaints Policy. If you have any complaints or concerns about Tameside Families Information Service Service contact the Complaints Officer. Any complaints will be treated seriously and constructively.

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