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Toddler Groups

What is a Toddler Group?

These are groups run by and for parents with young children. They are usually open once or twice a week for an hour or two, to give parents the opportunity to meet with other parents and their children.

They are open to children up to 5 years of age.

Do they have to be registered?

No. As parents attend the group with their children and must remain on the premises, they are responsible for the care and safety of their own children at all times. There is no legal requirement to register with Ofsted.

Where will you find Toddler Groups?

They can be found in Church Halls, Community Centres, Children's Centres, Scout Huts etc.

Can you attend more than one group?

Yes. You can attend as many groups as you want. As most groups only open once or twice a week, several parents prefer to attend other groups too.

How much do they cost?

The costs will vary with each group, depending on their overheads. They will have rent to pay and often provide light refreshments.

Tameside is encouraging all childcare groups to consider Healthy Eating Options when providing snacks. Please ask the group.

What happens at the groups?

Toys and activities suitable for the age range of the children attending are provided. Funds for these are arranged by the group. Parents and carers have the opportunity to chat and socialise with the other adults, while taking part or supervising the children's activities.

Will you be expected to fund-raise?

You could be. As the groups are run on a voluntary basis, they may expect you to join in and participate with the fund-raising activities, but this usually adds to the fun and the social life of the group.

Where can I find a Group in Tameside?

Details are listed on the Online Childcare Finder Link to External Website.

Alternatively, contact:

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Family Information Service (FIS)
St Peter’s Children’s Centre
Trafalgar Square
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0161 342 4260