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Choosing Daycare for Under 8's


Are you looking for someone to care for your child?

  • Why do you need daycare for your child?
  • When do you need daycare?
  • What type of provision are you looking for?
  • Is it full time or part time?
  • Do you know what to look for when choosing appropriate daycare for your child?

Why do you need daycare for your child?

  • For your child’s own benefit - to play with children of a similar age group.
  • For your child to extend his/her learning experiences.
  • You and your child sometimes need a break from each other.
  • You go to work.
  • You want to find work.
  • You want to take up further education.
  • You want to meet other parents.
  • You want extra help with the care of your child.

When do you need childcare?

  • Full week
  • Part week
  • Sessions
  • Occasional
  • Before and after school
  • School holidays
  • Unsocial hours e.g. Early mornings or evenings
  • To cover shift patterns


What type of provision are you looking for?


Sector Age Open Fees
Childminders 0-8+ All year Yes
Private Day Nurseries 0-5 All year Yes
Preschool/Playgroups 2-5 Term Time Yes
Nursery Classes 3-5 Term Time No
Before and After School Clubs 3-8+ Term Time Yes
Holiday Clubs 3-8+ Holidays Yes
Toddler Groups 0-5 Varies Yes


Do you know what to look for when choosing appropriate daycare for your child?

Certain general principles are important for good practice in daycare, education and related services for young children and their families. These should include the following:

  • Children’s well-being and development are most important.
  • Children are kept safe and happy in a healthy, caring and stimulating environment.
  • Children are respected and treated as individuals, whose particular needs, including special educational needs, are catered for.
  • Children and people working with young children value and respect others no matter what their religion, culture, language, racial origin, disability or gender.
  • Children are encouraged to develop physically and emotionally, with a sense of identity and self-awareness that inspires confidence in themselves and others.
  • Parents' responsibilities for their child are recognised and respected.
  • Parents and childcarers work in partnership.
  • Information about services is available for parents to make informed choices.

What do you need to do?

  • Decide what type(s) of daycare will meet your needs.
  • Always check that the daycare facility or childminder is registered with Ofsted, and has public liability insurance - contact Tameside Families Information Service.
  • Take your time before you decide to start your child. Visit, look around, feel the atmosphere - does it feel alright?
  • Are you and your child made welcome?
  • Do other children there look happy and well cared for?
  • Go more than once - ask questions.
  • Discuss your child’s needs, your needs.
  • Always agree a contract. Have a copy of the agreement for yourself.
  • Find out about the facility, its day-to-day activities, hygiene and safety, meals and snacks, holidays, how much it will cost.

Contact Tameside Families Information Service for details of registered childcare within your locality and discuss your childcare needs in more detail. Telephone 0161 342 4260.

Tameside Families Information Service adheres to the Council Complaints Policy. If you have any complaints or concerns about Tameside Families Information Service Service contact the Complaints Officer. Any complaints will be treated seriously and constructively.

For more information contact:

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Family Information Service (FIS)
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