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About PEN

The Partnership Engagement Network (PEN) was established jointly by Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council (TMBC), NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group (T&GCCG) and Tameside & Glossop Integrated NHS Foundation Trust (ICFT) – aka Tameside Hospital.

  The Partnership Engagement Network (PEN) operates across two tiers:
  • Strategic – engagement on approach, principles, cross-cutting issues and direction of travel. Provides a space to identify and join up key themes emerging from operational engagement activity.
  • Operational – engagement on service plans, new and developing models, emerging ideas and commissioning approach. Operational engagement takes place at both the thematic (service based), and/or neighbourhood (place based) level.
Although established and facilitated by the three organisations the Partnership Engagement Network (PEN) is a place for all public sector organisations, voluntary and community sector groups and public and patient groups to come together from across Tameside and Glossop. Partnership Engagement Network (PEN) conferences are held up to three times a year. 
Tameside and Glossop Partenrship Engagement Network PEN

Tameside and Glossop PEN