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Health Improvement Service Consultation

Be Well is Tameside’s current wellbeing service, supporting people in Tameside to improve their health and prevent illness. Be Well currently offers:
  • A wellbeing service covering stopping smoking, weight management, diet, sleep and stress management;
  • NHS Health Checks in the community;
  • Encouraging and helping people to live their lives in a healthy way through Public Health campaigns;
  • Training other professionals so that they can give health improvement advice;
  • Work with settings to help improve oral health in children and older adults.
Be Well has continued to work with Tameside residents throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, and has been working in different ways to make sure people have access to the service while staying safe. This has meant that face-to-face services have been replaced with telephone and virtual appointments.
The Health Improvement contract is due to end next year. We are planning to recommission services to replace Be Well, and want to make sure that we focus on the right things for Tameside. In November 2020, the Health Improvement Service was one of a number of services identified by the council’s spending review for savings.  For the Health Improvement service this is a budget reduction of £185,800 per year, which means that we have £906,200 per year for the new services.
We are asking for your views to help us design what the new services will look like.
We are planning to have three new services: Oral Health (which will remain largely the same), Smoking Cessation and Community Wellness, which will focus on healthy weight and community NHS Health Checks. These services will also help people to find support from other services for things like sleep and stress, to avoid duplication and to make sure people get to the right place for help.
The new services will have some similarities and some differences compared to Be Well.
Smoking Cessation Service:
  • We still want to ensure that everybody in Tameside who wants to stop smoking gets help from a specialist, high-quality service.
  • We still want to make sure that the people who are most in need of help are able to reach it.
  • We will be increasing different ways of seeing people, including telephone appointments and other virtual ways of providing support, as well as keeping some face to face appointments where needed
  • It is likely that the new service won’t be able to go out into the community as much to talk to people about stopping smoking.
Community Wellness Service:
  • This is the part of the service which does NHS health checks in the community, and will help local residents to have a healthy diet and healthy weight
  • This new service is likely to look very different to the current offer. We are planning to work with the service and with local people to develop a high-quality offer for the residents of Tameside.
  • To make the biggest difference to as many people as possible, we are planning to offer fewer one-to-one services for healthy eating and healthy weight. We want the new service to work closely with communities, organisations and small groups of people to encourage healthy behaviours in the whole community.
  • The new service will work with new and existing local groups and communities to encourage and support healthy eating across Tameside.
  • We want to make sure that this service is something that everyone can benefit from and use, but that it works especially with those communities in greatest need, working with local residents to help them make positive changes in their lives.
We want to hear your views on these proposed changes. You can provide your views by completing the following survey:
The survey will close on 13 May 2021.      
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