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Local Consultations

Title Lead Organisation Summary Start Date Closing Date
Council Tax Charge on Empty Dwellings Tameside Council New legislation in the Local Government Finance Act 1998 gives local authorities discretion to increase the council tax charge on empty properties. The Council is therefore considering increasing the charges where the property has been empty for a long period of time in line with new legislation. Although the change only affects owners of empty properties, we are seeking views and comments from the public on the proposals. 10/12/18 18/01/19
Housing Assistance Policy Consultation Tameside Council The Regulatory Reform (Housing Assistance)(England and Wales) Order 2002 (known as the RRO Policy) gives local authorities a general power to introduce policies for Private Sector Housing to provide assistance to individuals with renewals, repairs and adaptations. The current policy was created in 2003 and has remained generally unchanged, but some of the policy schemes are no longer appropriate due to changes in the way local government is funded. In order to continue providing help and assistance to residents and in order to take advantage of the changes made by government we need to change our policy. We want to give the residents of Tameside the opportunity to have their say. 05/12/18 25/01/19
Budget Conversation 2019/20 Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission Tameside Council and NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group have come together to form the Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission. We are responsible for a range of services from bin collections through care for the elderly to the provision of GP surgeries. Both TMBC and T&GCCG have to set a balanced budget for 2019/20. The views of local people are important in helping us understand your priorities and inform the budget setting process. Please click on the title of this survey to find more information about the budget and the Budget Conversation, and to access the link to an online survey which gives you the opportunity to have your say on the budget. 05/12/18 29/01/19

Regional Consultations

Police Funding 2019/20 GMCA Funding for the police comes both directly from central government and also a proportion of your council tax. About 80% of the funding for the police comes in a grant from the government, and the Mayor is responsible for setting the amount of council tax that local households pay for the police.
However since 2010 the amount of money from government has reduced and the Mayor is responsible for setting the Council Tax amount that goes to police funding. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor for Crime and Policing shortly have to decide the amount of council tax that local households will pay for the police over the course of 2019/20, and we would like to know how you feel about the proposals.
11/01/19 27/01/19
MEC SCN Children and Young People Increasing confidence Survey Greater Manchester and East Cheshire (GMEC) Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN) Greater Manchester and East Cheshire (GMEC) Strategic Clinical Networks (SCN) want to make sure that children and young people across Greater Manchester who have long term conditions such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy feel that they are able to manage their own condition, or conditions, well and are supported to do so by their doctors, nurses, family or carers. They are looking at how well supported children, young people and their families are, how confident they feel and that they have the right knowledge and help. Children, young people and parents are invited to complete the anonymous survey. 13/12/18 28/02/19
GM Big Alcohol Conversation GMCA & GMHSCP The Big Alcohol Conversation is being led by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) and Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, set up to oversee the devolution of our health and social care services. Evidence shows how drinking too much alcohol can affect our people and our communities. This consultation is seeking what these numbers really mean for Greater Manchester and what role does alcohol plays in our daily lives. Have your say by following the link. 15/11/18 28/02/19

National Consultations

Improving access to social housing for members of the Armed Forces Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government The government is committed to ensuring that those who serve in the Armed Forces and their families, and those who have served in the past, should face no disadvantage compared to other citizens in the provision of public services.
This consultation sets out proposals for new statutory guidance for local authorities to assist members of the Armed Forces, veterans, and their families, to access social housing.
09/01/19 08/03/19
Items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care: an update and a consultation on further guidance for CCGs NHS England In 2017, the cost of prescriptions dispensed in the community was £9.17 billion. This cost coupled with finite resources means it is important that the NHS achieves the greatest value from the money that it spends. Set out in the consultation document are proposals for an review and update of Items which should not routinely be prescribed in primary care: Guidance for CCGs, published in Nov 2017. The aim of this consultation is to provide you with information about the proposed national guidance and to seek your views about the proposals. 28/11/18 28/02/19
Developing a patient safety strategy for the NHS NHS England NHS England is developing proposals for a new national patient safety strategy to support the NHS to be the safest healthcare system in the world. The strategy is being developed alongside the NHS Long Term Plan and will be relevant to all parts of the NHS, be that physical or mental health care, in or out of hospital and primary care. To make sure the strategy works for patients, NHS staff and providers, they are consulting on our proposals. Your opinions will help shape and refine the final version of our national patient safety strategy, which is intended to be published in Spring 2019. 14/12/18 15/02/19
Williams Rail Review Department for Transport The government’s vision is to have a world-class railway, working as part of the wider transport network and delivering new opportunities across the nation. The review invites written contributions to inform its work on the review principles which can be found on the consultation page. Your evidence will inform the review and will be considered alongside other evidence received. The review’s findings and recommendations will be published in a government white paper in autumn 2019, with reform of the sector to begin in 2020. 06/12/18 18/01/19
Extremism in England and Wales: call for evidence Commission for Countering Extremism The independent Commission for Countering Extremism is carrying out a first-of-its-kind study into extremism, to be published in spring 2019, that aims to improve understanding of extremism and its impact on individuals, communities and wider society. They are keen to hear from people with a wide range of views and insights including people with personal experience of extremism, academics, civil society, faith and community groups, counter extremism activists and practitioners. 22/11/18 31/01/18
Strategy for our veterans: UK government consultation paper Ministry of Defence On 14 November, the UK wide Strategy for our Veterans was published. The strategy set the principles and aims needed to continue to meet the needs of older veterans as well as the wider Veteran community over the next ten years, and set the right conditions for society to empower, and support, them for the next 100 years.
It seeks broad public views on focused questions, to build on the research and engagement conducted to produce the strategy, against a backdrop of what is already delivered.
14/11/18 21/02/19
Equality & Human Rights Commission Draft Strategic Plan Equality & Human Rights Commission The Equality & Human Rights Commission are seeking views on their draft strategic plan, or their work for the next three years. They work to monitor human rights, protecting equality across a wide range of grounds including age, disability, race and more. The draft strategy sets out their goals and priorities, and the views of those who take part in this consultation will help shape their work 12/11/18 07/01/19