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Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission must ensure we deliver services in the most effective and efficient way possible. This can mean that from time to time services have to be redesigned. The reason behind the need to redesign services can be driven by a number of factors, including:

New LegislationSave MoneyBetter Way

As part of the service redesign process we also consult with local residents to ask their views. Although we are always interested in what our communities have to say, in some instances we are also legally obliged to seek your views on changes to services. We are committed to working together with local people to address issues that affect them. By joining in our consultation, your views can influence and inform our future decision making.

In 2016 Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and NHS Tameside and Glossop Clinical Commissioning Group came together to form Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission. Tameside and Glossop Strategic Commission are responsible for commissioning health care services in Tameside and Glossop. Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council remains responsible for providing other local government services, such as waste collection, libraries, local road maintenance, children’s services etc. in Tameside.

Therefore consultations hosted on this page related to health care services will be relevant to both Tameside and Glossop whereas consultations related to all other council services will relate to Tameside only.

We have many different ways in which we find out the views of local residents and want to make this as easy as possible. Many of our consultations take the form of questionnaires which are hosted here on the Big Conversation page. However we may also use other methods to find out your views such as inviting you to a focus group, workshop or public meeting.

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