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A Wellbeing Taster Session 45-60 mins held at your workplace free of charge;
Supportive to good mental health

Note. We do need a minimum of 15 people per session for funding reasons. If you have lower numbers you could consider inviting a nearby Tameside business for a joint session.
Minds Matter, in partnership with Healthy Minds are able to offer local businesses across Tameside a free Wellbeing Taster Session.  A summary of what the session involves is below:
  • The wellbeing taster session takes between 45 -60 mins and is free of charge.
  • We come to their workplace and would only require access to either an overhead projector or a flip chart
  • The session is facilitated by a Senior Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner from Healthy Minds.
  • The CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) model is explained and used to explore the vicious cycle of emotions and ways to make changes.
  • Attendees develop an understanding of further support available from Healthy Minds and Minds Matter for self or partners, family members, colleagues, people in the community they may come into contact with.
  • There is an opportunity to ask questions, but no pressure to speak.
  • Sessions can include a couple of breathing techniques if groups find that helpful.
  • Healthy Minds request attendees complete a questionnaire, this will be explained during the session.
Book your session: Minds Matter have started working with organisations in Tameside over the summer and have had lots of uptake from this offer  as employers understand that building the resilience of their workforce not only makes a positive contribution to their own workplace but in turns builds the resilience of the community in Tameside. They are looking forward to working with more employers and groups in Tameside.
Please get in touch with and I will put you in touch with the organiser to plan your session (completely funded, no charges or fees)
Planning ahead for the rest of the year: if you are thinking of a session for later in the year or 2020 please get in touch straight away as it works better for the funding of the project to be able to plan for future sessions