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Build in Activity; workplace, work time


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Lack of activity, sitting still most of the day and most of the time is leading to health problems and storing up health problems for the future. Desk based workers are often sitting for 6 hours a day and then consider the additional time sitting whilst driving to and from work. Evidence shows the necessity to:
  • Mix things up a bit while getting the job done
  • Be active when travelling       

What Can Employers do?

Making changes makes a difference: even a reduction of 1 hour to sitting time has been shown to lead to staff feeling more energised and engaged at work.

There are plenty of business case reasons for employers to take action towards more movement incorporated within the working routine. Use the links mentioned here to help develop your plans and remember that a culture of activity across all levels of the organisation will enable staff to adopt the plan and create an active culture for the longer term.

The online resource Work Smart is a free of charge, evidence based resource kit for organisations to use to help their employees sit less whilst at work. The site includes the evidence, plans for your workplace and for individuals to use, ways to make long term changes, a range of posters.

Greater Sport has taken up the challenge of getting 2 million people moving by 2021, of course including Greater Manchester workplaces.Tameside employers are invited to be part of this. Have a look at the background and plans here, and Watch this space! An Employers Toolkit is currently being developed.

Get Britain Standing is a campaign to do just that! The website is packed with information for employers as well as everyday life.