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Fully Funded Services for Tameside Employers
Provided by Be Well Tameside (NHS)

All of the services explained below are funded for your staff because work in Tameside, regardless of their home address, e.g. if some of your staff live in Oldham and work here in Tameside they are all funded because they are Tameside Workers. This is a fantastic scheme for Tameside employers as there is a range sessions available on site and there are no costs to be paid by employers.
All can be arranged by either
email Tameside Healthier Workplaces
or with Be Well directly 0161 716 2000
We would recommend getting in touch sooner even if you would like to arrange a booking for later in the year as site visits need to be scheduled by the Be Well team.


What is available?

1. Onsite Health Promotion (Including Blood pressure, Lung Function and Atrial Fibrillation Testing)

Community Engagement Staff will visit your workplace, set up a health stall and casually speak to staff who would like to engage with them
They bring along:
  • A pull up banner advertising Be Well Tameside Services.
  • Relevant health  leaflets
  • Various health testing equipment such as: blood pressure and lung function machines.

Where appropriate, the team will offer people a referral to the Be Well Service for Health and Wellbeing Support. This could include 1:1 appointments with a health and wellbeing advisor, attending a Healthy Lifestyle Course and/or attending a Sleep, Stress and Relaxation Workshop.

2. Health Checks for staff - sessions held on site (fully funded)

Did you know, 1 in 3 people in Tameside have high blood pressure? High cholesterol and high blood pressure have no symptoms yet can lead to heart attack, stroke, dementia and other related health conditions.  Be Well Tameside therefore offer employers health checks on site for their teams. As mentioned above, all the staff will be included with no extra costs because they all work within Tameside. The employees benefit from the convenience of having a personal health check carried out at work rather than attending their GP, information will be provided (with their permission) only to their GP. further support is available from Be Well as  following all checks, where appropriate, the team will offer people a referral to the Be Well Service
Be Well heath check team will arrange a date and time to visit your workplace, they will need a private room for the health checks
Full NHS Health Check:   NHS Health Checks are for those who are 40-74 years, do not have an existing long term condition and who have not had a check within the last 5 years.  The check is offered at GP practices, but we know many people do attend their GP. The full check takes 20-30 minutes and includes a lifestyle questionnaire, a finger prick cholesterol, pulse blood pressure and weight check. The team put all results into a piece of software that predict diabetes and cardiovascular risk over the next 10 years. Following the checks we encourage people to make lifestyle changes and visit their GP (if required) in order to reduce any risks identified, keeping people fitter and healthier for longer.
Mini MOT checks: The team can offer Mini MOT checks for those who do not meet criteria for a full NHS Health Check, so anyone under 40 or who has an existing health condition. These will take 20 minutes and will include a lifestyle questionnaire, pulse, blood pressure and weight check. 
Please note these are health checks for the individual person only and no results or information is provided to employers

3. Health and Wellbeing Education/Training Sessions held on site - Fully Funded for groups of 10 or more

As part of their commitment to the Health and Wellbeing of Tameside, Be Well Tameside offers free training to those who work in Tameside. The aim of the training is to up skill peoples’ knowledge and confidence so they are better equipped to have meaningful health and wellbeing conversations (training topics below)
it is possible also for sessions around the similar topics to be ‘tailor made’ for your workplace (groups of 10 or more). If you would like to get more information and to arrange this for your business please either email and I will put you in touch your adviser at Be Well Tameside to discuss the best option or contact : tel  0161 716 2000 and ask for the on site training option. As mentioned above it is better to speak the Be Well expediently to discuss what will work well and to plan dates through the year
Training topics includes:
  • Take 7 Steps Out- Reducing  Second hand smoke
  • Giving Brief Advice - Smoking
  • Making Every Contact Count
  • Connect 5 Mental Wellbeing*
  • Understanding Health Improvement *
  • Encouraging Behaviour Change* ​
  • Healthy Eating and Healthy Weight*
  • Encouraging Physical Activity*
  • (*Royal Society of Public Health, Level 2 accredited training)

4. Funded training and education sessions held in Tameside locations- send a member of staff

Your positive culture workplace health can be improved and influenced by key members of your staff who have a role in supporting and working with staff; the training and education can help with this, the topics are similar to those listed above and sessions are held at various venues in Tameside.

Training is well suited those people within organisations that have a role in supporting either staff and/or residents of Tameside.  Dates and more information can be viewed and bookings made at