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Welcome to Tameside Healthier Workplaces


Welcome to

Tameside Healthier Workplaces; are you employing staff and or/managing a Workplace or an organisation in Tameside?
This project is for you;
Free NHS Services | Local groups | Online links - reputable sources of information, regularly updated | Knowing where to turn | Take your pick

A healthy, productive workforce is top priority for success of any organisation, successful organisations are vital to a successful Borough of Tameside; for any workforce, Health; Personal Life; Work Life; Family & Friends; Environment; are interlinked

With these points in mind we have put together tools and resources both local to Tameside and online links which you will be able to use in your Workplace with your workforce. The importance of selecting good reliable sources of information for health cannot be stressed enough; the directory is designed to give you exactly that and save you time.

The Tameside Healthier Workplaces Project is provided by Environmental Services and Population Health at Tameside MBC
  • Part of a larger organisation with a workplace health program in operation already?         THW can be used in conjunction your company’s own scheme especially for local services and local groups
  •  A smaller workplace with very limited resources?            THW will help you find what is available for free or low cost for you and your staff to use.
  • The ‘workplace’ in THW encompasses the place of work itself as well as the network of communication between businesses and their staff; organisations and workplaces who actively incorporate health into their sites and communications will benefit accordingly
  • Information and services can often be accessed conveniently when people are at work,

Benefits to your workplace; individuals and companies benefit short term, for example when a person’s high blood pressure is identified at an NHS health check carried out at your workplace, the staff member is able to receive treatment straight away without needing time off work, and a serious health incident for that person is averted.  Longer term, the benefits of healthier culture in your workplace with more information about adjustments people can make in their lives increases the chances of a workforce in good health for many years to come. There are further benefits to be arrived at indirectly, as an example, imagine a member of your staff checks the notice board at work and finds out about a local group that turns out to a massive help and support to their 20 year old son whose health she has been very worried about. Your workplace just by using your existing communication routes, has made a difference to your member of staff and her family, she feels it has helped her at work, she feels better when she’s at work, knowing her son has a group to go to. 

It is worth recognising that, whether apparently work related or not, many factors contribute to a person’s health and wellbeing and as such affect productivity at work.  Our aim is to provide current up to date links, services, events, information you and your organisation can easily access and use. Workplace health and wellbeing need not be complicated or costly, even the smallest companies can include health and wellbeing; using the resources here you will have a range of services online and nearby to offer your staff.

Nb. This is not intended to give information regarding legal responsibilities for Health and Safety at Work or employment

Tameside Healthier Workplaces Where to Start

Book in free of charge NHS Health Checks Session for your site:
Use your communication channels to let people know about services and groups on this page that they can use.

Use ‘A Picture of Health’ new topic every month (see below)

Save this page - use it going forward, your workplace can easily keep up to date with what is here in Tameside for people to use when they need it for individual support, e.g. support to stop smoking support with problem gambling

Signposting what is it/ how can this help?

This simply means pointing someone in the right direction, showing them where support is available for a health or life concern and how to access it. Don’t assume people will already know, they may not have seen the poster or may not use social media. Don’t see it as interfering or needing to be an expert yourself; instead see it as thoughtful, see it as passing on information. Please do "signpost’ others to these pages! 

Be Well Tameside: Our Local NHS Service for Health Improvement

Eat Well        Drink less     Sleep better            Stress less               Move More              Manage Weight            Be Smokefree         Quit Tobacco

One to one appointments for Tameside based workers (and Tameside residents).
Making health/lifestyle improvements at younger and middle ages improve the chances of good health for longer

0161 716 2000, search ‘Be Well Tameside’ on facebook or twitter

NHS health advisers offer one to one appointments and proactive support for Tameside based workers and Tameside residents to help them make changes;. The service offered allows users to be proactive about health matters which are shown to lead to health problems further on in life; the health problems that will impact peoples’ quality of life, working lives and personal life, for example pre diabetes unmanaged leading to type II diabetes, tobacco leading to smoking/tobacco related illness.

The service is useful for a range of topics that you will want to cover in your Workplace Health and wellbeing Planning. Remember that the health of family members affects your staff in addition to their own health and publicising the Be Well services, letting people know what’s available for themselves and their family members can help here.

How can this be used in your workplace?  let people know about the service, use your communication routes, you might also consider allowing paid time off for the initial appointment.

National Campaigns; Public Health England (including you tube channels):

You can get involved with current campaigns such as ‘Stoptober’, ‘Pee in your Blood?’ (awareness of early signs of cancer). A great way to see the current campaign topics and messages and to communicate them to workplaces is to use You Tube.  Both Public Health England and Macmillan have ‘You tube’ channels and these can be used by everyone for a convenient way to get information; use your communication channels to promote these.  Tameside MBC (as a local authority) are registered with PHE to be able to download the resources for campaigns e.g. posters and leaflets; please use the contact section to ask about campaign resources as we will be able to download for you.

Public Health England channel: or Change for Life:

‘A Picture of Health’ a new page to use every month linking to national campaigns and local groups, download the pdf, very easy, a great way to keep your noticeboard and electronic newsletter up to date. Advice for printing ‘A Picture of Health’: A3 size works well for the text boxes