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Reduce sickness absence time; for employed and self -employed people:


Tameside Employers did you know a fully funded support service is now available to you and your staff when they are away from work due to sickness, injury or disability? Please help them use it

The scheme is called Working Well Early Help, it covers the whole Greater Manchester area. Support can last up to 6 months for each person and will help employees return to work more quickly and successfully with a better outcome for both employee and employer. For example, if physiotherapy would enable a person return to work sooner, the treatment could be paid for arranged and paid by the scheme cutting out a long wait time. The scheme is also for people who are self- employed when illness/injury is preventing them working, as noted below self-employed people are able to use the scheme immediately rather than after 2 weeks.

As small - medium sized enterprises (companies with 250 or fewer staff) and self-employed often do not have resources for occupational health support for themselves and their employees; support is now being funded to provide this.

The employee or self-employed person can contact the service by phone themselves as it is a service for that person, focused to their needs. There are no costs to the person using the service and there are no costs to employers. There is no need for employers to contact the service; (however they are welcome to contact with questions if they choose to) the employers’ role is to make their staff aware and signpost staff to the scheme

The service can be used by:
  • employees who have been off work for 2 weeks or longer (employed by a company with under 250 staff members)
  • self-employed (people who are self-employed do not need to wait 2 weeks before using the service)
  • people who are out of work very recently, no longer employed, when they have left their work within the last 6 months

Employers, please let your employees know about the free service for now and in the future and give them telephone number and email to use.

Tel 0300 456 8107 

Funded for 3 years:   Keep the scheme in mind and build it into your communications plans, for now and future, currently the service is funded for 3 years from April 2019 so it is worth keeping hold of the details and continuing to signpost staff. Also, because the scheme covers all Greater Manchester it may also be useful to your friends and family living and working in Greater Manchester.