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Tobacco - moving towards tobacco free

Make Smoking History Greater Manchester - Be part of it

Tobacco use has a hugely detrimental effect on health and the economy across Greater Manchester and specifically Tameside. The detrimental effects encompass your workplace and your business.

This is recognised by work across to the region toward the goal to ‘Make Smoking History’ that your organisation can be part of; ‘History Makers’ is an interesting read. Everyone smokers and non-smokers alike, now has the opportunity to support efforts across Greater Manchester to de-normalise smoking and tobacco use. Rather than being seen as a lifestyle choice, for many people tobacco use is a chronic addition. The strategy document for Tobacco Free Greater Manchester 2017-2021 can be found here:

Your Workplace: quit attempts are more likely to be successful with support

When they decide to make an attempt to quit tobacco use, people are more likely to be successful in their attempt to quit with support, therefore it makes sense to have the contact details of the stop smoking services they can use displayed at your workplace and on your internal intranet. You may be able to go further to support your staff in their quit attempts by allowing paid time for the use of the stop smoking service.

Signpost: Our NHS stop smoking service for one to one support:  Be Well Tameside 0161 716 2000 email: is open to all Tameside workers and residents ; offers individual support with a one-to one appointment for 15 minutes (various venues across Tameside) and continuing support.

Signpost: Online Support : One You has the NHS Smokefree App :  publicise this information as well as online will be preferred by many people.

Tameside MBC working with companies and organisations in Tameside:          Smoke Free Events, Smokefree sports, Smokefree gates
Many organisations are now taking the positive step of making their sites smoke free and their events smoke free and Tameside MBC are running schemes to support and promote these moves.,,

The benefits of smoke free are: positive support for those giving up smoking and positive support for the change in behaviours to de-normalise smoking behaviours, including vaping.

Your Workplace:

If you haven’t already, now is the time to get in a place a positive policy on tobacco use/smoking for your organisation, even if you start with a very basic policy setting out your intentions it is certainly a worthwhile commitment to a healthier workplace; you can include a review date for the policy when you intend to review it

Your policy - points to consider

As you will be aware there are legal requirements to be met by a workplace where the enclosed parts of your workplace must be smoke free and your policy will refer to this, however to be effective to work towards making your workplace healthier; the scope of policy needs to go further and include more than the measures legally required.

The legislation here is: The Health Act 2006  and The Smokefree (Premises and Enforcement) Regulations 2006

A policy should state the commitment of the organisation to take positive measures to support people who are giving up smoking tobacco and should include at least working towards smoke free sites or at the very least, with a target date to work towards for the next steps .  

Business in The Community with Public Heath England have produced a toolkit for employers covering: Alcohol, drugs, tobacco (May 2018)      Download Toolkit PDF here

A Smoke free site.

If you decide to make your site smoke free it will be a positive step towards supporting people deciding to quit. It is important to make the policy clear to visitors as well as staff. You may also need to consider impact to your neighbours where people leave the site to smoke

Vaping            Vaping indoors would not be recommended in a workplace as it is unlikely to be popular with everyone. Vaping should be separated from tobacco smoking; Public Health England advises it is not acceptable to expecting those vaping to share outdoor space with people smoking. Public Health England have produced guidance to help with decisions on where to allow e cigarette vaping evidence based and recognising that situation are different.

Download the Public Health England Advice here:

Consider whether or not to allow vaping (outdoors). Opinions differ on the matter of vaping (using electronic cigarettes with nicotine).       

Support for people using vaping as a quit method: Use of vaping devises as a means to giving up tobacco is recognised by Public Health England as presenting a very much reduced risk way to use nicotine compared with tobacco use, and therefore useful in quitting tobacco. Our Be Well Tameside service can offer support for quitting tobacco including using vaping as a method. With this in mind, you may want to support those using vaping as quit method by allowing vaping in an outdoor area and prohibiting smoking tobacco (smoking tobacco and heated tobacco). Opinion is divided with regard to using vaping as a means to quit tobacco.

Learnt behaviour, de-normalising smoking behaviour: If you are a childcare setting, school, college, or environment regularly attended by children and young people, it is very important to consider the concern that smoking is learnt behaviour and a social norm and taking action to counteract this is hugely important for the future health of our area. Vaping would be classed as ‘smoking behaviour’ for these reasons we would recommend a smokefree/vapefree site where children young people often attend. The toolkit for ‘Smokefree Gates’ is very helpful here and TMBC welcomes new member to the scheme

Smokefree Gates PDF

Staff making home visits:     Where your staff need to visit people at home you could consider making a request to clients to avoid smoking tobacco immediately before and during visits.
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