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Tume Into Music

Music is fun, but there is also evidence that shows exposure to music from an early age helps develop communication and literacy skills. Listening to, and singing rhymes and songs stimulates both sides of the brain and helps develop lots of different skills such as concentration, understanding of what comes next, turn-taking and non-verbal skills such as eye contact and use of gesture. Music is also great for developing vocabulary, sentence structure, phonological awareness and sequencing skills. As an adult you probably know the words to lots of songs and find them easy to remember, so using songs is a great way to help children learn.
Tops tips to remember when using music:-
  • Include nursery rhymes, songs and made up songs. You can also use made up songs to go with daily routines to make things such as teeth brushing, getting dressed more fun!
  • Don’t worry if you feel you don’t have a great singing voice, it doesn’t matter. Your child and teen will enjoy that it’s you singing.
  • Use songs and rhymes that your child is interested in. Include lots of actions and use of instruments and props will help stimulate other senses such as vision, touch and awareness of their own body movements.
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