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Tameside’s Super Six Walk Tracker

Challenge yourself this autumn by completing as many walks as you can in a month including one or more of the Super Six exercises (a programme of standing and sitting strength and balance exercises) as you go.

The Personal ‘Super Six Walks Tracker’ is aimed at anyone over the age of 50 or those who have been shielding over lockdown. It encourages users to add the exercises to the start and end of their walks, or at any rest points, using benches, trees or walls for support.

There is no specific route or time period to these walks. You can start by walking to the end of their garden or street, at a pace you are comfortable with and can build up on this each time. Then you just add in the strength and balance exercises and mark it off on your tracker each time. There is also space to write the total number of walks completed to keep track of the total number over the month.

Getting out and being more active helps to improve people’s general health and wellbeing. You’ll notice benefits such as; improved sleep, better maintenance of a healthy weight, reduced stress and a sense of real achievement. Any movement is good, particularly if it makes us feel warm and makes us breathe a little faster.
Contact your GP before introducing increased activity in to your life, particularly if taking prescribed medication. Similarly, anyone who feels discomfort or pain whilst exercising should seek advice from their GP.

You are strongly encouraged to adhere to all Government social distancing measures in place for Tameside throughout the scheme.

The Tracker is available to download here  and here in greyscale and is supported by Irwell Valley Homes, Active Tameside, Age UK Tameside, Jigsaw Homes, Dementia Friends, Hope Community Church, St George’s Church, Big Local Hub and Action Together.’