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Waste Policy Consultation 2021

Waste Trial

Waste Policy

Tameside Council are consulting with residents on proposed amendments to our Waste Policy, which highlights the responsibilities of ourselves and the public in regards to waste collection and recycling across the borough. 

Proposed amendments being considered include charging for replacement recycling bins and moving black bin (plastic bottles, glass and cans) and blue bin (paper and cardboard) recycling collections to every three weeks.  Green bin (non-recyclable waste) and brown bin (food and garden waste) collections would remain the same.

If adopted, the amended Waste Policy will help reduce operating costs and safeguard limited funds for vital council services that support the most vulnerable.  Continuing pressures caused by the coronavirus pandemic, increased demand for services, and government cuts over the last 10 years, mean the council will have to make savings of another £23 million this financial year to balance the budget for 2021-22.

The Operations and Neighbourhood service to which Waste Management belongs, needs to make a saving of £1.8 million over the next financial year.  It is estimated that by introducing a charge of £25.63 per bin for replacement/additional recycling bins, it will save £190,000 a year, while reverting back to recycling collections every three weeks for black and blue bins will save £370,000 a year.

An exceptional circumstances policy for extra-capacity for three-weekly black and blue bin collections based on household size and an exemption policy for charging for replacement recycling bins would work in conjunction with the proposed amendments to the waste policy. The exemption policy for charges for replacement recycling bins would cover circumstances such as theft, vandalism, accidental damage by waste crews, residents on low-income and other specific circumstances.

We would be grateful to hear feedback from residents on the proposed amendments to the Waste Policy.

The draft of the Waste Policy with proposed amendments and the proposed exemption and exceptional circumstances policies can be viewed by clicking here. 

We will be reporting back on the results of the wider public consultation later in the year.

The consultation closed on the 20 October 2021’.

There are other ways to feedback if you are unable to use the online survey. Please click here to access them.

Recycling Collection Pilot

In addition to the wider public consultation on the proposed amendments to the Waste Policy, the three weekly black and blue recycling bin collections will be trialled in three pilot areas across Tameside to test how well it works.  Households involved in the three-month pilot will have been contacted directly via a letter explaining more and giving details of how they can give feedback on their specific experiences during the pilot. Residents from the trial area can also provide their feedback via

The pilot areas have been selected to assess the potential impact of black and blue recycling bin collection changes on a range of housing types and demographics including social and private housing as well as low-rise flats, terraced and semi-detached dwellings.

It is important to the council to see how the proposals work and find out what people think before any wider implementation.  We will be reporting back on the results of the pilot later in the year.

To find out more about the pilot please click here.

Useful tips:

  • Squash your cans and bottles and fold your cardboard before placing in your recycling bin to make more room
  • For further waste and recycling tips and advice visit
  • Residents may place additional recycling materials for collection so long as it is identifiable in a clear bag.
  • Tameside has two Household Waste Recycling Centres in the borough which can be used to dispose of excess waste from normal day-to-day household activities.
    • Bayley Street Household Waste Recycling Centre: Bayley Street, Stalybridge, SK15 1PZ
    • Ash Road Household Waste Recycling Centre: Ash Road, Droylsden, M43 6QU
    • British Summer Time Opening Hours:  8am-8pm, 7 days a week.
  • On collection day, please make sure your bin is put out at the edge of your property, or nominated collection point by 7am.
  • Please return your bin to your property after it has been emptied.
  • Check your collection dates or use the Tameside bin app (the app is applicable to non pilot areas only)
  • Find out what waste goes in which bin
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