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Werneth Low Through the Ages

Werneth Low Country Park

The Ancient Britons (2000BC - 50AD)

Buried their chiefs and worshipped the Sun on Werneth Low. Their burial mounds can still be seen to this day.

The Romans (50AD - 400AD)

Fought a bloody battle with the ancient Britons The victorious Romans occupied the area and murdered the last surviving Britons).

The Danes (1017 - 1066)

The Vikings arrived in the area and made a settlement at Wich Fold. Their occupation was short but brutal.

The Normans (1066 - 1214)

Arrived in this area soon after the battle of Hastings (1066). When writing the Doomsday Book they declared Werneth Low 'waste' and valued it along with half of Cheshire at 10 shillings.

The Tudors (1485 - 1714)

Planted many of the large Holly hedgerows that grow on the lower slopes of Werneth Low. They hunted Wild Boar that lived in the wooded cloughs. The last wild Boar in England was killed near by at Wildboar Clough.

The Roundheads and Cavaliers (1642 - 1645)

Fought the English Civil War. Judge John Bradshawe who signed the death warrant of King Charles I, would often ride his Grey horse across the Low.

The Jacobite Rebellion (1745 - 1746)

Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) crossed the River Tame at Stockport on his way south. He and his other clan chiefs rode on to Werneth Low and spied the lay of the land.

The Georgians (1714 - 1820)

By the various enclosure acts of this period the Lows present field and meadow lay out was established. The farm houses of Lower and Higher Higham were built.

The Victorians (1837 - 1901)

Built a race course on the very top of Werneth Low. Race days were great events and large amount of money exchanged hands.

Modern Times (1914 - onwards)

1921 the cenotaph was unveiled. This notable land mark commemorates all the 710 servicemen from this area who perished in the First World War. During World War Two antiaircraft gun positions were placed at Windy Harbour. During the Manchester Blitz several bombs fell on Werneth Low.