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Youth Engagement Team

Who We Are

We are six Youth Engagement Workers providing support to young people aged 11-16 experiencing a range of issues. The focus of our work is to strengthen the Early Help offer for young people, offering intervention at the earliest opportunity to help prevent the escalation of need for more intensive service support.

Where We Are

We are based at Clarence Arcade, Ashton-Under-Lyne, but work closely with, and align to, the emerging multi agency teams across the four neighbourhoods. Three Youth Engagement Workers work across the North and East Neighbourhoods, with the other three team members working across the South and West Neighbourhoods.

Our Referral Criteria

Age 11 – 16 years. Referral criteria divided into the four sections below - young person to meet at least one criteria from two of the following sections;
Personal Family Community Education
Poor emotional/mental health e.g. difficulties with emotional regulation, low level anxiety,  risk of self-harm,

Physical health condition causing wider adverse impact/s

Social Isolation e.g. reclusive behaviours, seeking asylum/ESOL 

Difficulties in developing /maintaining peer relationships

Poor relationships with parents/carers

Challenging behaviours within the family home

Transient living arrangements e.g. moving between relatives, risk of homelessness

Risk taking behaviours e.g. Missing From Home episodes, substance/alcohol misuse,

Risk of ASB/Criminality

Vulnerable to exploitation e.g. Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Criminal Exploitation, County Lines

Negative peer group/inappropriate associations e.g. older groups

Poor school attendance/attachment

Fixed term exclusion’s

Not achieving educational potential
Challenging behaviours 


How to Refer

Referral to the team is via the Early Help and Family Support Panels. The panels which meet weekly are attended by a range of partners with several ‘pathways’ for support available to young people and families, with the Youth Engagement Team being one of these. Referrers are required to complete a Single Agency Referral Form (SARF) Consent from the young person and family/carers must be obtained prior to referral. Following screening the referral will be discussed at the panel and a multi-agency decision will be agreed as to the most appropriate ‘pathway’.
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