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Court Orders

A number of different sentences are available to courts when sentencing a young person aged 10-17. These aim to address the behaviour of the young person and allow them to make up for the harm caused to the community:
  • Discharge - absolute or conditional - these are the same as those available for adults.
  • Fine - the fine should reflect the offence committed and the young person's ability to pay. For young people under 16, the payment of a fine is the responsibility of a parent/carer and their financial circumstances will be taken into account when setting the level of the fine.
  • Referral Order - a referral order can be imposed for a young person who appears before the court for the first time and has pleaded guilty. The young person will be required to attend a referral order panel (made up of two members of the local community and an advisor from a youth offending team) and agree a contract, containing certain commitments, which will last between three months and a year. In certain circumstances young people can receive a second referral order.
  • Youth Rehabilitation Order - The youth rehabilitation order is a community sentence within which a court may impose one or more of 18 different requirements that the young person must comply with for a period of up to three years. The requirements can include curfew, supervision and education requirements to name but a few.
  • Custodial Sentences - a custodial sentence will only be imposed in the most serious cases. The type of custodial sentence available depends upon the court the young person is being sentenced in.

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