Tameside Youth Offending Team

The Youth Offending Team's one simple aim is to prevent offending by children and young people. To achieve this aim, there are a number of objectives.

Objectives of the Youth Offending Team:

  • The swift administration of justice so that every young person accused of breaking the law has the matter dealt with quickly.
  • To help young offenders face the consequences of their offending, for themselves and their families, their victims and the community, and help them to develop a sense of personal responsibility.
  • To work with young people to tackle the particular factors (e.g. personal, family, educational, or health) that put them at risk of offending.
  • To ensure that punishment is proportionate to the seriousness and persistence of offending.
  • To encourage reparation to victims by young offenders.
  • To reinforce the responsibilities of parents, and help them to help their children.

The team was set up in October 1999 to ensure that it was fully operational by April 1st, 2000 when the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 was implemented.

It is made up of people from several different agencies in Tameside, who work with young offenders 10 - 17 and their families from the borough.

Its responsibilities include the following:

  • Working with young offenders who receive Final Warnings (formerly Police Cautions)
  • Providing a variety of services to the Tameside Youth Court including: writing Pre-Sentence/Reparation Reports; the supervision of Court Orders.
  • Restorative justice work as part of the above orders.
  • Supervision of young offenders during and after custody.
  • Providing appropriate adult services in police stations and court.
  • Crime prevention.

The present staffing of the team is as follows:

The Youth Offending Team is managed by the Head of Youth Offending Services, who manages the following four Operational Managers responsible for particular service areas:

  • Prevention and Business Support
  • Programme Delivery
  • Court and High Risk Services
  • Resettlement and Support Services

The structure and staffing of the Youth Offending Team is demonstrated on the two structure diagrams(0.04MB) and gives a better indication of the type of work in the team, the kind of performance measures laid down by the Youth Justice Board of England and Wales (YJB), and the range of staff working in the Youth Offending Team.

Contact with the Youth Offending Team can be made by asking for the relevant manager of the areas listed above, or by contacting the Duty Officer who is available throughout office hours.

Information available:

For further information please contact the Youth Offending Team Duty Officer.

Further information on any aspect of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 may be found at the Youth Justice Board web site.

Equal Opportunities

At all times you have the right to be treated fairly, with respect and without discrimination. This means that the Youth Offending Panels and YOT staff will treat you fairly whatever your race, colour, sex, sexuality or disability. You are also expected to behave equally fairly towards other people.

Complaints Procedure

If you feel you have been treated unfairly or unreasonably by the YOT or Youth Offender Panels you can make a complaint. To do this, contact the Tameside YOT Manager at the address below.

Data Protection

The Tameside Youth Offending Team deals with personal data under the Data Protection Act 1998. Some of these may be sensitive such as criminal offences, proceedings and convictions. We may share some or all of them with other partner agencies as laid down in Government guidelines. When involving any third party we shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that they will keep your personal data secure and treat it confidentially. If you are worried about giving us your personal details or about us sharing them with others, please discuss this will the member of staff who is dealing with your case. We will explain what you can do.


Information leaflets are available in a number of different formats and languages. Please contact us with your request.

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