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Temporary Traffic Signals

Temporary Traffic Signals


Who do I Contact When...?

  • The lights don't stay on green long enough?
  • The lights aren't working or a lamp has failed?
  • The signals are causing excessive traffic delays?

Where roadworks are taking place there should be a courtesy board placed by whoever is carrying out the works. This board will tell you the company name and their telephone number. 

How do I get Permission to erect temporary traffic signals?

  • Shuttle Working 2 way traffic lights (without a junction)
  • Shuttle Working 2 way traffic lights (with a junction)
  • 3 or 4 way traffic lights 

Regardless of which traffic lights you require, you must seek approval from this authority to use them.

Application for Temporary Traffic Signals

  1. The use of portable temporary traffic signals is regulated by highway legislation and authorisation is legally required from the Council.
  2. All applications must be made on the proper form and all the information on the form is required to process the application.
  3. The application form must be returned with a 1:500 plan (or better) showing the location of the works and the required position of signal heads.
  4. The application must be received a minimum of 7 days before the signals are to be installed for Shuttles and 21 days before the signals are to be installed for 3 or 4 way signals. For complicated proposals a longer lead time may be required.
  5. If a 3 or 4 way signal design is provided by the Council, there will be an accompanying charge of £375.00 to be paid by the applicant before authorisation will be granted.
  6. The applicant is responsible for all temporary traffic management, planning the work and risk assessments. The applicant must take into account site-specific factors such as schools, zebra crossings, traffic signals and commercial and industrial activity when planning the work.
  7. All planned temporary traffic management proposals requiring the temporary decommissioning and recommissioning of permanent traffic signals will require 56 days notice to the Council and will be subject to additional procedures and charges.

    Note: Due to the specialist nature of permanent traffic signals only a competent Traffic Signals Engineer employed by the Council's Traffic Signals Term Contractor will be allowed to carry out this work.
  8. Temporary traffic signals required in the vicinity of level crossings require authorisation by the Rail Authority and the Council and will require substantial notice periods and scheme planning prior to commencement of work.
  9. The operator of the temporary traffic signals must comply with DfT booklet 'An Introduction to the use of Vehicle Actuated Portable Traffic Signals' (ISBN 0-11-550781-7)
  10. The operator of the temporary traffic signals is responsible for adjusting green times at sites that are subject to high traffic flows to minimise delays and balance queues.
  11. The operator must immediately notify the Council of any changes to his proposals and any change of information supplied on the application form.

Use the online Application to apply for the use of portable traffic light signals.


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