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Autism is a spectrum condition, not a disorder. Over 1 in every 100 people in the U.K. is autistic (National Autistic Society), and each autistic person will experience the world in different ways. Autism is person specific, when you have met one autistic person, you have met ONE autistic person. Autistic people are all unique individuals, like everyone else; all autistic people have different strengths and some may excel in certain areas. It is important to understand and focus on the person’s strengths.

Are you an Autistic adult living in Tameside? Are you a parent /carer of an autistic child or adult living in Tameside?  Do you want to be part of a consultation group where you are able to contribute to the development of Autism services in Tameside? Then Join the Tameside Autism Panel (TAP) consultation group. TAP meets once every month from 1:00pm – 2:30pm online (Microsoft Teams). For more information and dates, please email us at

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