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Children Missing From Education

Children who are not receiving suitable education are potentially exposed to higher degrees of risk and this can include engagement in anti-social or criminal behaviour, social disengagement, forced marriage & FGM, radicalisation and/or sexual exploitation.
Duty to Identify Children Missing from Education
  • Part 1, Section 4 of The Education and Inspection Act 2006 places a duty on local authorities to have in place arrangements that will identify children in their area who are not receiving a suitable education.  The duty applies to children of compulsory school age (5-16) who are not on a school roll and are not receiving suitable education.
  • The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2016 effective 1st September 2016,  details requirements  of schools to inform the Local Authority (LA) when pupils are admitted or removed from the school roll.
  • Section 100 of the Children and Families Act 2014 places a duty on governing bodies and proprietors of academies to make arrangements for supporting pupils at schools with medical conditions. Statutory guidance advises that LAs must work with schools to support pupils affected by this. 

The Tameside protocol on Children Missing Education can be found here. Word Doc
If you are concerned about or have information to share about a child who may be missing from education please contact

Children with Medical Conditions

Tameside MBC is committed to providing a good education to all pupils regardless of circumstances or settings.  Where a pupil is unable to attend school for medical reasons the local authority will work alongside schools, health professionals and parents to provide an alternative provision which will meet a pupil’s individual needs, including social and emotional needs and enable them to thrive and prosper in the education system.
Wherever possible the local authority would look at education provision being provided by school to ensure continuity for pupils.  However, it is recognised that in some circumstances that is not possible and provision for such cases will be considered by a case management panel on an individual basis.
The Tameside protocol on Supporting Pupils at School with Medical Conditions can be found here. Word Doc
If you would like further information please contact a member of the education Welfare Service on:
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