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Arts Award

A variety of bespoke Arts Award DISCOVER log books that linked to the local area, the school curriculum, Community safety priorities and the Arts Award criteria.
The three different themes and priorities, are ‘Our Community’, ‘Keen to be Green’ and ‘Staying Safe’.

Staying Safe

In this log book participants will learn some handy tips to help them spot if they are in danger. It is important to know what they can do to keep safe while they are out and about. Remember there are always trusted adults that people can talk with if they ever need support or guidance – if they are ever concerned or confused we recommend to please speak to someone they trust.

From road safety to mental health, there is a range of tips and advice available to help keep safe whether at home, school, out and about or online

Staying Safe online digital resource

Creative activities and ideas to assist your class in completing their Arts Award.

Staying Safe

In this log book you will discuss and find out what you call your community. Focusing on community diversity and values relating to our community.
Encouraging people to think about their place and space, what they want and what is important to them in different ways, we can create a better place to live.

Staying Safe

This log book covers many themes such as, recycling, caring for the planet, respecting nature and conserving the use of water and energy. While working towards this Arts Award and the completion of this log participants will learn about lots of ways they can help with conservation and ecology. There will also be lots of opportunities to explore a range of Eco crafts and arts activities. Play your part in spreading the message to friends, family and the wider community.

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