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Garage Plots on Council Owned Land


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I rent a garage?

Tameside MBC do not have any garages for rent - we rent out garage plots only. If you wish to rent a garage you should contact Jigsaw Homes Link to External Website

How do I rent a garage plot?

If you wish to apply to rent a garage plot within Tameside please contact

Where are the sites?

Please contact  for further info

How much does it cost?

Garage plots range from £100 - £250 p.a

VAT is also charged on all garage rents and is excluded in the prices above.

Garage structures are erected and maintained by the tenant of the plot - subject to Planning Permission.

We charge a one-off administration fee for new tenants of £75 + VAT.

How do I make a payment?

When payment is due, you will receive an invoice from us. You can make an on-line credit card payment (select "General Debtors" for the Type of Payment and type your invoice number in the box asking for your "Customer Reference Number"), or you can post a cheque to us to the address stated on the Invoice.

How do I transfer my existing tenancy?

If you wish to transfer the tenancy of your garage plot you may nominate the next tenant. To do so please contact

How do I terminate my existing tenancy?

You must give at least 1 month's notice to terminate your garage tenancy - please contact

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