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White 'H' Road Markings

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(Access Protection Markings)

A White ‘H’ Marking is a road marking which is used to signify a driveway or access that is in use and as such should be kept clear of parked vehicles. These markings are most successful when installed in areas where there are high volumes of people from outside the immediate area parking for a short amount of time, who may not realise that they are causing an inconvenience to the local residents by parking in an obstructive manner.

The marking is not an enforceable road marking as such the council has no powers to take action against obstructive parking which may take place once the marking has been installed. Obstruction of this manner is an offence that is enforceable by the police regardless of whether the road marking is present or not. Sometimes when the police are aware of an ongoing issue with obstruction of this nature they will request that a resident has the marking installed to see if that helps dissuade people from parking across the access.
The council can arrange for an H marking to be installed at a cost of £257.00 payable by the resident. Before the marking is installed property owner must have an approved dropped crossing and hard standing where their vehicle is to be parked.
The council reserves the right to refuse to implement the marking where it does not think it is suitable or where it is suspected that it will cause tensions within communities. Similarly, the council can remove the marking, at its discretion, should it be shown to cause community tensions.
Please put any requests for White ‘H’ Markings in writing, including the name, address and any relevant details such as being a blue badge holder, using the contact details below.
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